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    Plugin category: Not Sure

    Suggested name: DeathsPlus

    What I want: I want a plugin, with configurable messages, that announces when a player dies. But not just that simple. I want it so (for example) the message would be something like this
    Where it shows the player name killed playername where the [0] is the number of kills the player has.
    I wanted to have a bunch of configurable messages, from a players death by fist, by weapon, by bow, by mob, by void, by fall damage, lava, fire, etc. You get the point.

    Here's an example of a death message I'd have: &cMoeXIV&7[&412&7] &ehas straight lined by &cTewChaynz&7[&43&7] &eusing &cItem name (or item's name if renamed)
    and when you hover over the item that the player was killed with, it shows how many kills the player has gotten with that sword, like a hover event.

    Last but not least, a /stats command with a configurable message. (/st for short, and /st <player> for other persons stats.>
    &eKills: <#>
    &eDeaths: <#>

    Ideas for commands: /dp kills <playername> <# of kills you want them to have>, /dp reload

    Ideas for permissions: no permission for the deathmessage, deathplus.kills, deathplus.reload, deathplus.stats

    When I'd like it by: ASAP!
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