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    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: Deathbans

    What I want: I want the plugin to temporarily ban the player from the server on death. The deathban should be based on how long the player has played the server.

    1 Hour Playtime :: 45 Minute Ban
    2 Hour Playtime :: 1 Hour 30 Minute Ban
    6 Hour Playtime :: 4 Hour 30 Minute Ban
    1 Day Playtime :: 18 Hour Ban
    3 Day Playtime Or More :: 24 Hour Ban

    I would like to be able to configure how long the player is deathbanned based on playtime in the config. I would also like certain permissions to give a % Deathban reduction.

    If your a Bronze donator, you get a 10% Deathban reduction, using a certain permission.

    Ideas for commands:
    - /undeathban (Player) :: Revives a deathbanned player.

    - /deathbancheck (Player) :: Check how long a player is deathbanned for.

    Ideas for permissions:
    - deathban.10 (10% Deathban reduction.)
    - deathban.15 (15%)
    - deathban.20 (20%)
    - deathban.25 (25%)
    - deathban.30 (30%)
    - deathban.35 (35%)
    - deathban.40 (40%) I would like this permission to go all the way up to 75% in intervals of 5.
    - deathban.undeathban
    - deathban.deathbancheck

    When I'd like it by: Monday August 4th
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    I can't see the point of this...but might give it a go some time.
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    SwankyCactus8 Would you want there to be an interval reset. So that if someone has been playing for a month they don't get banned for 10 days at a time?
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    Sort of, I want there to be a cap Deathban, so that if you played for more than three days, the Deathban will only be one day.
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    just a thought. you realize that if you do this people wont be playing on your server they will probably just find another server to play on that lets them play right again when they die and not have to wait a few hours or even a day to play again
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    You don't even know what i'm using it for... lol.

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