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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by swaggod, Jul 1, 2017.

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    So in this plugin, I want a death msg with kills like this

    &c<playerewhodied>&8[%kills%&8] &ewas slain by &c<killer> &8[%kills%&8]

    player1[1] was slain by player2[2]
    player1[3] drowned
    player1[3] blew up

    player1[3] was shot by player2[1
    I can change the msg in config.
    If it's a mob who killed a player then it won't show mobs kills xD it would just say the mob name

    The kills reset when the server restart and I can change player kills by doing
    /setkills <player> <amount> To change the player kills
    /checkkills <player>
    /resetkills <player/all>

    Note this plugin MUST have all the death msg.
    1.8 plugin
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    The Yellow color is extremely hard to read
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    Made this partially.
    All death messages are there, configurable like you asked. /checkkills and /setkills work fine. Only problem is that you can't get the stats of an offline player as far as I know. So /resetkills only works for online players :/
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    but does it reset when the server restart?
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    No, like I said, it's not possible as far as I know to get the stats (kills) of an offline player. Every player would be offline when the server loads to have reset the stats at this time.
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    Machine Maker

    You could store the player kills in the config and then reset the kills there.
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    You have to store them in a file with the UUID or name (Getting an offline player by name is deprecated)
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    @Firestar311 and @X1machinemaker1X said it is possible :/
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    you their bro?
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    Sorry for the wait, took me awhile to think of how to do this properly in addition to having multiple plugin requests.
    I was able to add /resetkills for every player by resetting the kills for the offline player the next time they log on. The kills also reset when the server restarts (or the world loads) like you asked.

    (Edited original download because I forgot to register the WorldLoadEvent so kills didn't reset when the server restarted. Also while I was at it I made the plugin message every online player saying kills were reset and message an specific player when /resetkills <player> was typed.

    EDIT: Typing just /resetkills resets kills for every player. /resetkills <player> resets kills for a certain player.
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