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    Tl;dr, I want this:

    Dreadiscool, the original plugin dev, won't respond to my messages (the reason for I am not sure), but I am adamant in getting this plugin or similar one way or another.

    The idea was introduced quite a while back, and the mini-game itself exists in UberMinecraft's /server zombiecraft1. It also exists within MineTime in the Infection portal. The plugin has eluded all of my internet searching, being seemingly removed from existence in a downloadable form.

    The actual gameplay is pretty standard, players join in and after a set time, three are chosen as alpha zombies and then it's a humans v zombs deal. Higher levels result in higher ranking, and thus higher equipment grades, and levels are earned by wasting enough zombs in one life or being the last mate standing.

    I cannot stress how adamant I am in wanting this specific gamemode for my server.

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    I have the original plugin, but it uses a dedicated machine in which also needs a web server to execute a .PHP
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    Thank you mate, may I private message you for further details?
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Just keep everything on the thread.
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    Good suggestion, Tim.

    What does this mean? It's not just install, config, and some in game setup? Also, is it Deadlyfe or Deadlife? The two are virtually the same but I was informed that Deadlife is more stable and with less bugs.
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    I have deadlyfe. and its pretty up-to-date. No bugs
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    Are you willing to transfer the base plugin to me by some means?

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    Thread re-opened to initial post; need Deadlyfe/Deadlife plugin. It's somewhere out there, I just need someone who is willing to send me the plugin without asking the world or not responding.
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    could you send the base to me?
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