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    I don't think I checked in my source yet- you did catch me there!

    Are these people ops, by any chance?
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    Brad Phusion

    Hehe, just happy to help. :D

    Oooo, another idea. For example, (I don't know how the wand thing works *yet* (Sorry D:), but since you were talking about adding other weapons, how about elemental spells. Eg, person holding sword and fire, cast a line of fire on the ground, burning only mobs or players, as where a player who uses ice / slow sand (earth) to slow the enemy?

    I'll add this to the tracker tomorrow morning if you want :)
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    They were deopped and set to no permissions via Permissions mod, server was stopped and restarted. They were unable to use any /command other than /cast <spell> - in which every spell was available. Hope that helps!

    Also to note, the plugin version says 0.9 when the server is started or reloaded, not 0.91 like the topic title suggests. Is the jar a version behind possibly?
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    Ultimately - we need bookcases to be 'enchanted' by certain spells that can be right clicked and learned - this is the best way to have 'spells' in the world without having admins grant via group. I don't care too much about the permissions side of thing - honestly.

    Is there any way to put in a workaround for this?
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    Can you make a non-god mode weapon? Such as this using up it's energy and needing to make new wands? I liked it then saw it's infinite godly power and chose not to even try it. I'd like to disable certain spells as well so people can't do godly things except for admin being able to.
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    Nah, that should be covered already in the new system- minus the specific spells, but I think most of those are things I'd like to do already..... Here's how I think I'd handle all that:

    fire : This is already on the list- I really want to have fun with this one.... a basic version that just starts a fire, of course, but also huge firebombs, firing streams of lava from your hands, burning everything around you as you walk, etc, etc. Fire is a very cool thing for dark/evil classes and PvP, but it's also very dangerous- so it's kinda low on my list at the moment :D

    A modifier to construct so that it won't fill air, basically. This would make it modify surroundings instead of building- so, if you aimed it at the ground and used "with soulsand", you'd be able to trap someone in a quicksand pit.

    I could also add a "undo XX" parameter that lets you make it temporary (lasts XX seconds). It would then act like a duration spell, and drain your mana/reagents until you either cast again to revert it, or the timer expires (or you run out of juice).

    "construct" is really going to be the building block for some very cool stuff once it's flushed out- see: how quickly I through together sandblast. It's actually a really cool PvP spell, though it could use some special targeting love- right now, you have to really good with geometry to actually hit someone with it :)

    Try casting it, it's really a very cool effect. I made it a good bit bigger than the default blob, too- nothing so insane as superblob, though! :)

    So.... since we're talking so much gameplay, and magic and spells and abilities and such, I think I finally have to ask....

    Anybody here ever play Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy?

    --- merged: Feb 15, 2011 4:42 PM ---

    Hm.... well... if I hadn't completely deleted the built-in permissions system in a fit of rage, maybe :)

    I could see about adding in a simple list of players and spells they know, and then use that to let you set up items to add to that file (effectively giving players a spell).

    Let me think about this- it's not something I could slap together right away, but it's probably something I can get in a good bit before I'm ready to use bukkit.permissions.

    Though, let me try to get a feel for the timeframe on that, if I can- if it's only a week away or whatever, I'll just wait :)

    Sometimes they really drop huge awesome stuff on us completely out of the blue (multi-world), so you never know.

    (Ok, "out of the blue" for people like me who don't have time to track progress on bukkit branches...)
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    Brad Phusion

    Oh well thanks. And i'll check out the game :p
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    See: Permissions support in OP

    Also, sounds like that's already +1 vote for wand damaging as an option! :)

    Though, from the context, that really seems to be just an amazing coincidence, it doesn't seem like you read my post... crazy stuff.
    --- merged: Feb 15, 2011 4:45 PM ---
    Good luck finding it! :)

    It's pretty old, PS2/Xbox/PC title (very hard to find on PC....)

    Not a big deal for you to play it, I was just curious if anyone here had...

    Though it is a really excellent game :D
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    Thanks for the fast reply. The way our worlds are set up - we dont want to just simply grant spell access to players by a blanket group (who would?!) we'd rather it be a fun searching process or a dangerous dungeon that players have to complete in order to obtain the ability to use the spell. The "/cast spellbook" while looking at the bookcase - was the perfect example of how this worked out. I would RANDOMLY set something in the wild as a "spell" by placing a bookcase and having a user right click to learn it - it was pure bliss and the #1 thing (aside from craftbook) that we miss.
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    Yes! You are right on, my friend.

    This is exactly why I was never very concerned about implementing Permissions support- I don't want to just give people spells, what fun is that? Heck, for that matter, I don't really want to have to bother doing that, quite honestly- I'm very busy, and if I can spend some time setting up a fun gameplay experience in advance that basically automates the process for me, and makes it much more fun and engaging for my players in the process, then why not?

    I'd love to discuss with you (all? Is HeroCraft a group? I'd love to know what's up....) the ideas I've got for an Experience plugin.

    I really want to do some cool stuff- such as use Persistence to track everywhere (to some rough scale) each player has been. This could be used to make player-specific "explored area" maps, as well as (more relevantly) to give out exploration-based experience points.

    Other types of XP (and general XP) could be earned in various ways- constructing, mining, farming, hunting, combat, PvP, etc.

    I want to have a configurable class tree, where players can spend experience (with certain branches either requiring or getting bonuses from using a corresponding XP type) any way they want to progress, but also in a way that generally evolves to suit their natural play style.

    PM me if you wanna chat about this! :D
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    Sure do - I'll pm you - Herocraft is a server (hardcore!) and we also have a coding team (which we are taking applications for if you're interested) - more info in the pm.
    --- merged: Feb 15, 2011 5:07 PM ---
    and if you'd rather chat instantly - you can visit our IRC gamesurge.net #DH
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    You can do that already, using Permissions.

    See: tree spell in OP, or your /spells list! ;)

    It takes a few parameters- you'll be able to make each of these your own variant if you want, once that system is there. Offhand, I think it currently supports "birch", "normal", "big", "tall" and "redwood".


    Done, and done :)
    --- merged: Feb 15, 2011 5:19 PM ---
    Cool! I'd love to jump on your channel and chat sometime- I'm also around in bukkit IRC (as of recently), a lot. Or, I really try to be anyway- my life is kinda super hectic.

    It'd be nice to gather this kind of stuff in some place, so once I've got a bit of groundwork laid for Gameplay, I might set up an INDEV page for Experience, so we can start thinking about it.

    Don't want to have too many INDEV threads going at once, though- it'll start to look like I'm actually creating things, but just camping on ideas :)

    BTW- Your server sounds great, I'd love to visit some time! I really want my server to be hardcore RPG, once all the pieces are there.... for now, it's an insane wizard free-for-all.

    I've rebuilt my house 3 times already :)

    The town square currently has a safe underbelly of various colored wool, from me playing with paint last night. This is because someone superblast'ed under the town- which ate through the ground.

    The square itself was checkerboarded with cobblestone and grass- since blast east through dirt/grass but not cobblestone- the town "square" was now some insanely treacherous thing out of The Golden Child or something :)

    Anyway, point being, if people had to earn the ability to cause havok like this, I'd feel much prouder about them having done it :D
    --- merged: Feb 15, 2011 5:25 PM ---
    Oh, speaking of paint- I just noticed some strange behavior.

    First off, you can't paint with "door" apparently. Seems weird if you were able to "shell" with it, but those may be two separate lists. Anyway, it's not an item, so it should be okay anyway- it's just like filling with a torch, they might not "stick".

    I do want to add it to the list, or whatever needs to happen to make that possible, because the more I think about it, the more I love the idea of being able to paint a functional door onto the outside of a building!

    Also, when I was holding the door and painting, it, uh, painted with pink wool. I have no idea why. I'm assuming something "sticky" that it's falling back to from what I used last time.

    I'm not really sure what to do with paint when you don't have a valid painting material selected- so maybe just using some random colored wool isn't a bad idea :)

    I just... you know... didn't actually implement that. So it was kinda weird that it just happened.

    I mean, I didn't have any wool, colored or otherwise, anywhere in my inventory- active or otherwise! It's pretty crazy- I'm sure it's a bug, hopefully it won't do anything too much stranger than painting with colored wool ;)
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    Nathan, is it all possible to make it so we can have wands with charges? I ask this because it'd be really cool to have a 'wand vendor' that can be used with an iconomy mod so that players on more traditional work-for-it servers can use all these awesome features, for a price.
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    /eagerly awaits /cast spellbook on random bookcase :p
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    Hello, I love this sooo much =)

    Also the Peek spell has a small problem, if its used near doors, they break =(

    If you can fix that the mod gets a 10/10[​IMG]

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    Sorry, I've got a bit of dyslexia and it's hard to read sometimes. I skip things or I miss them altogether. I'll re-read a few more times to see what I missed. The video did show though that it's infinitely powerful. I've also been looking for a one time teleport, like an item people would have to make in order to place somewhere then teleport back to it every time they use the secondary item. That would be nice, I should go suggest it if it doesn't exist, unless you can make it.
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    is this version currently bugged? or is the plugin not working correctly with others? i'm using wandmin and spells allthought some spells are not working for example fill removes block instead of adding pillar does nothing however blink and tourch works

    edit it seems to keep spawning torches if i use a bridge it uses torched. if i use fill it spawns lot of torches etc

    edit2 seems like if i have ANY items at all in my inventory the spells get bugged
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    Well mines perfect :p I think you did the permisions wrong, or are using the wrong/multiple items with your wand.

    I think you problem is that your using Wandmin with this, your supose to use Wand and this.

    Maybe get rid of Wandmin for now and try again.
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    Firespells would be great .... I'd have tons of ideas for them and how to use them ^^ but if it's low on your list then I'd have to wait ^^

    Yep, here, me *wave*
    Why? ^^
    Great game btw.. As you said ;)

    And another idea I had .... Is it possible to make water flow upwards? Imagine a geysir as an elevator .... or just to lift your enemies and the air and let them fall to their cruel death ... muahaha ... err ... ok :)
    Spell would be, oh surprise, /cast geysir

    Btw. as I talked about water, I LOVE your cushion spell .... makes exploring of deep caves really nice ;)

    All that, and herocraft, sounds REALLY nice .... I'd love to set up such an server myself ... for now I have just a small Server for my friends running ... enough to play around with some great plugins and building things ^^
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    He changed slot that the material is detected from. It used to be furthest block to the left, now it's the block in the right hand most slot. If you want classic behavior, put an item in the last slot and it will go back to acting like a clone tool.
    --- merged: Feb 18, 2011 8:48 PM ---
    I think Shell might be bugged! It's creating solid spheres instead of hollow ones. So much for easily re-creating the Lady Macbeth out of obsidian!
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    Woah, hey, what? My alerts have not been showing me updates!! :( Sorry guys, I have been really busy, but not so much so that I wanted to ignore you :(

    So, going to have to keep this one short- much of what you're asking for is coming. I'm currently hard at work on Permissions and Groups (and NetherGate and CrowdControl...). So, spread pretty thin ATM. WinSock has volunteered to take over CrowdControl once I'm "done" with it (I have a few personal touches I'd like to add, first), so that'll be off my plate.

    I'm hoping to get Groups released tonight. At which point I will stop supporting Permissions in spells- FYI. Hope you enjoyed that while it lasted :)

    As always, the 0.91 zip will be around- I'll link to it directly if you just can't let go of your Permissions support.

    Groups/bukkit.permissions will play nice with other plugins that still user Permissions- you just have to manage them all separately. I will not do anything about this.

    So, that's what's really been keeping me busy- finally, a permissions system I can get behind! Coming soon, to a Spells near you.

    Fitchy! My boy! Ok, your post gets some special love 'cause of this (moreso than I normally give my favs like you....)

    So, I was a dev on Psi-Ops! :D

    That was my first gig in the game industry, and my "dream job" (til I got totally burnt out on 6 months of "crunch time"...)

    Darn fine game- we crammed a really nice implementation of the Havok physics engine (ragdolls, chain physics, hinges, etc) on a PS2 around the same time Half-Life 2 was just coming out..... it was pretty sweet.

    Anyway, I wrote the save system for that game (hence Persistence- I'm a db dev now), did a bunch of game/interaction core work (including the input mapping system)... I also did a lot of what you might call "biotch work", since I was like 20 years old and had no games experience. Handling all of the ISO burns, Sony/MS certification and all the other crap no ones wants to do kind of sucked, but what can I say, I was an eager little beaver.

    Ah, takes me back.... Anywho! Glad you're a fan :) Have you ever tried the Barret boss fight while also using the Barret skin? If you still have a copy of the game around and a system that can run it (I'm keeping my first-gen PS3, just for this game, as long as it will stay alive....) it might be worth checking out the little treat I personally convinced them to cram in at the last minute..... ;)

    All I can say is...
    Show Spoiler
    Train tossing!!!!!!!!

    Oh, and if you check the credits, I'm "Nathan Teske". In case anyone is wondering, Nathan Wolf is my real name. I changed it when I got married- yes, weird I know.

    Like it! I plan to play with water physics to make cushion work better, if I can do that, I can probably spawn some water blocks and keep them in place, too- not sure what that'll actually do to a player in there, though :)

    Hmm... I could even control the data values of the water blocks to create currents.... mmmm.....

    Ha! Reading through this in order, now I think I see how you got to guyser :) Glad there's another fan of that spell, I really like it :\
    --- merged: Feb 18, 2011 9:02 PM ---
    Thanks for covering the material system question! That's exactly right!

    As for shell- someone else reported that to me... :( I'm not really sure what happened there, but I'm assuming it was the "with" work I did for sandblast on construct- it must be ignoring the "shell" parameter now. I'll fix that up ASAP....
    --- merged: Feb 18, 2011 9:03 PM ---
    Hm... if you can wait til tonight, your construction plans may not have to be called off :)

    I'll fix this and release a new Spells before doing the permissions integration. (Which won't actually be a spells thing at all anyway, you should be able to roll back Persistence.jar "safely" if you ever really need an up to date Spells with Permissions... I'm not going to support this configuration, though, so if it ever stops working, tough teets.)
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    Adam Shefki

    How feasible is it to set this up so that casting spells consumes resources?

    The reason I'm asking is that I'm trying to set up a roleplaying PVP server and I want the spellcasting system we're implementing to be resource-based; i.e. casting a fireball consumes 5 blocks of netherrack from the player's inventory, casting blink consumes a feather, and so forth. Is this sort of thing doable?
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    Hey, NathanWolf!

    I was showing some of the stuff this plugin could do and I happen to come over something really scary that really messed up my client, his client, and the server itself. I did a /cast superblob and managed to target a torch or holding a torch or whatever. Ended up making over a billion of torches that all fell to the ground. Made my client and server to lag insanely. Didn't even have the chance to type /rewind before the whole thing went down. That ended up with saving and I had to use editor to fix it. Didn't work that either at first because the torches were still laying around.. So I had to have a rollback a few days :(

    I would suggest that you can't make spheres out of things that doesn't stick together. Boats, torches, minecarts, flowers, and so on. I don't dare to try the other if they do the same thing as I'm afraid it will break my server again. Other than that I still love the plugin :)
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    Hmm.... I'm going to have to think about this...

    I wanted this to be able to work, but maybe it's a bad idea... I'll just take 'em off the list.

    Thanks, sorry about that!
    --- merged: Feb 19, 2011 4:27 PM ---
    Also, note that I now think I finally understand what's going on here...

    It's not, necessarily, that setting a block to an item id is a bad thing- it just turns that block into an item, which is what I'd expect, and why I never saw this in testing. I've kind of just been like "well, it works for me, but if it corrupts your map, then I'll certainly turn it off!"

    Now, I'm thinking it's just the sheer volume of items that get dropped that actually crashes the server- and since those items are stored in that chunk, it'll crash the server every time that chunk reloads... and as far as I know, there's no way to fix it short of map editing or restore.

    So..... that being said, I'm going to take this suggestion to heart and remove anything that may not end up "sticky". Chunks can handle 2 million blocks, but not a couple hundred items I guess. Different storage mechanism, I suppose.

    Anyway- this should only include torches, redstone torches, ladders, and I guess doors. I really liked the idea of being able to paint on a door, but hopefully once I've fully embraced bukkit.permissions within Spells, I'll be able to let (admin-level!) players have custom material lists for things like this, so at least I will be able to paint doors on again, one day :p
    --- merged: Feb 19, 2011 4:31 PM ---
    Awesome, thanks!

    While I was in my material lists, fixing up the above, I noticed that doors are not on my "sticky" list- this means that they won't get auto-added to an undo list, and may get broken by stuff like peek.

    Hopefully, adding it to the list is all I need to do to fix this and score that 10 ;)

    I'll test it and let you know in the next release!

    EDIT: Hm... I may need to treat these like "gravity" blocks and not sticky blocks, so I also grab the top-half of the door....
    --- merged: Feb 19, 2011 5:05 PM ---
    Did You Know?

    Did you know that if you "/cast manifest" with no parameters, it gives you a random building material?

    Fun! Forgot about that....
    --- merged: Feb 19, 2011 6:18 PM ---
    0.92 Released

    This release fixes a couple of the issues mentioned prior (check the changelog).
    It adds box, which I think was someone's 10/10 requirement a while back, as well as fixing hopefully saving doors properly (another 10/10!), and fixing the shell spell. The "construct" spell is also now tremendously more powerful...

    I really can't wait to start making variants with it. Oh, speaking of, I made sandblast a box instead of a sphere- I don't think that was working before, but that's how it was supposed to be. Yes, yes, you may shower me with praise now :D

    I've changed the way I deploy, per @QQCucumber's suggestion (thanks!) It should still be pretty simple- just follow the instructions, and you'll be ok.

    Also, don't be too scared (yet) by the separate Permissions section- that's really for later, the current build of Persistence that is live still supports Permissions, and will until bukkit.permissions is live.
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    The Persistence.zip link is broken.
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    Don Redhorse

    btw: you should remove tracks also from the superblob and similar... tracks will try to connect to eachother..
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    Yeah- I like that :) you can use fill to build super long railroads easily... that one's definitely staying unless someone really complains about it. I don't want to lose that until the variant system is here...
    --- merged: Feb 19, 2011 8:18 PM ---
    Oops- that's ok, a much more solid release is on the way. Will just be a jar, now, too- sqlite is integrated. Update coming soon-ish. It's also going to require Groups.jar if you want Permissions support... which I've decided to just continue to support for as long as I possibly can... :p
    --- merged: Feb 19, 2011 8:28 PM ---
    Ok, Persistence 0.44 is up- please grab it if you don't need Permissions support. If you do, please wait- 0.45 + Groups 0.12 should support it. Thanks for your patience....

    Yes, Persistence.jar is big now, please don't bug me about it- sqlite is integrated. You just need the jar- you can delete sqlite.jar if you have it and nothing else is using it.
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    Best plugin EVER!!!! [​IMG]

    You are always there to update and make it perfect, I love it. [​IMG]

    Now that I've gave you a 10/10 lets go to the 100's ^_^ I will give this a hmm 97/100 but I bet it won't long till I change my mind and make it higher haha. [​IMG]

    Also is it possible to makes gills not make the sound of you dying because it irritates me a little [​IMG] or maybe make the bubbles after getting to 1 regain to 10??? [​IMG]

    Bye! [​IMG]
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    Thanks!! :D

    The plan with gills is for it to refill your air as long as you move around.... I think I may actually be able to do that, now (API support is there, and I'm aware of it....), so it's only a matter of time!

    And, speaking of time, my stack is finally unwinding... as soon as I un-break Permissions support and finish putting up a little "getting started" dev guide, it's back to plugin work!

    NetherGate first, though... Spells is much more "done" (in one way) and much farther from being done in another... so it's going to come after NG (Wand after that).
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    My /Cast Box is not working well =(

    No matter what I do it will always make a box made of sand...

    I've tried having no Sand in my inventory, I've tried have it saying Now using Wood, I've tried casting it by aiming at wood I placed on the ground, I've tried standing on wood and casting it, no matter what I do it's always sand. Please help D:

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