DataWatcher 'a' Indexes ?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by thebigdolphin1, Feb 23, 2014.

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  1. Is there anywhere I can find a list of the numbers for a DataWatcher?

    If you don't understand what I mean, here:
    DataWatcher.a(1, "yolo");
    DataWatcher.a(index, value);

    If there is no list, has anyone got the way to set the 'age' of an entity (like with entity spawning on command blocks, the 'age' value).

  2. Can anyone help me?
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    Are you using a packet or something? Or are you using an NMS entity instance?
  4. Using packets.
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    Just create a new entity, set the things you want, play out packet with its handle, and remove.
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    Sounds like you're trying to create a holograph. There's plenty of resources for doing that already - here and here for instance.

    But to answer your question, you'll find a table of all the possible key-value types in the DataWatcher (don't forget the data type!) here. Oh, and please remember to cast the value to an object before using the a method.
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  7. Thank you soo much for them links :D
    And yes, it was for holograms :p
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