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Discussion in 'Staff Goodbyes' started by CeramicTitan, Sep 6, 2014.

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    I'm sure a lot of you are wondering about the name; CeramicTitan. Well for a while I was an Xbox gamer and so, 'CeramicTitan' was my online screen name(It was suggested! Leave me alone! :/) I had never really been apart of any online communities so the name kinda stuck wherever I happened to go. Hi, I'm CeramicTitan: I am BukkitDev Staff and for the past 10 months it has been fun but it's now time to say Goodbye. I have decided to leave for a number of reasons, but one reason which really made me question Mojang, was the apparent misconduct toward the Bukkit volunteers. I disagree with the manner Mojang has exhibited throughout this 'takeover' or whatever term Mojang has decided to coin. The past 10 months have been a rollercoster of file after file, project after project and the occasional report. Throughout this time I have learnt so much and met so many cool people. lol768 love u bby I have enjoyed my time here and to be completely honest, I didn't want to go out like this, but I think I would be making a big mistake if I continued in this manner without the supervision of my former counterparts.

    Chapter 1: The Beginning

    My friends were all playing this new game called, Minecraft! So jumping onto the 'bandwagon' I got involved and joined in with my friends(approx. beta 1.4 days). Through numerous server jumping, my friends had the crazy idea of starting our own server. So me being the inquisitive one out of my friends, I ventured into the world of Google where I was exposed to a community, known as Bukkit.

    Chapter 2: Researching...

    The more I learnt about Bukkit the more I wanted to know. I would watch hours upon hours of YouTube, learning everything from plugin management to permission nodes. At this time, I had to take my computer in because it had a virus, so I was restricted to only YouTube and the Bukkit Forums. The day I got my computer back, I was equipped with all this new knowledge, that I was able to jump right into it and host the server my friends dreamed of having.

    Chapter 3: Plugin Development

    I was now a professional at managing plugins, but I wanted to go that step further; I wanted to look at how plugins were made! So in the same manner I had previously had learnt everything else, I hopped on to YouTube again and discovered that I needed to learn Java to make plugins of my own. I was absolutely hopeless at this. I watched months and months of TheNewBoston and wouldn't understand a thing. Although one day, I was doing household chores and I had an epiphany, Java just made sense and that was when I was successful at making my first plugin, TreeDestroyer, a simple log breaking plugin. With this newfound knowledge, I kept striving for bigger and better things.

    Chapter 4: lol768's calling

    I applied for BukkitDev Staff and i'm not going to lie, after putting in all this effort into the community and it going unnoticed, it was disheartening! I would always notice that little 'staff' window on the forums for the new additions and wondering when it was going to be my turn. (I was incredibly jealous of drtshock when he got the position before me. I saw him as my rival). At this time I was on and off in the Bukkit community...a lot, I would take ridiculously long breaks and all of a sudden return and be active again. I was going through one of those periods when I noticed a PM from lol768, titled 'BukkitDev Staff'. In this PM, lol768 asked me a series of questions and prompted me to go on IRC, where I was interviewed by TnT. I was extremely happy and nervous during this interview. I couldn't believe that after all this time and effort, I was finally getting noticed by the staff and the community.

    Chapter 5: BukkitDev Staff

    I always wanted to be BukkitDev Staff and now that I was I couldn't disappoint. I learnt the protocol associated with BukkitStaff and always did what I could. I am glad I went through this, because I can safely say that I would exchange these series of events for anything in the world.


    Bukkit has been my home away from home for atleast 3 years. I always found the intricacies of Bukkit facinating and I always had to learn more. I always wanted to give back to the community and I saw BukkitDev Staff as the perfect grounds for that. It was a long and strenuous process, but in the end this has been an incredible experience.

    Special Thanks

    TnT - I would like to thank you for all you have done for the community. Your efforts have definitely not gone unoticed. You are a monumental piece in the puzzle that is Bukkit.
    mbaxter - I was always unsure about you, because I was never sure if you liked me or not. But now we are friends or atleast I hope we are :). I would like to thank you for taking part in those verbal smackdowns when needed and assuring me everything was going to be alright.
    EvilSeph - For a long time in my life, I thought you were a robot. Everything you did was always systematic and always perfect! It is safe to say without you Bukkit wouldn't have been the same. You are an amazing person and team lead. I almost feel as if a 'thank you' isn't enough. But from the bottom of my heart, I thank you and appreciate everything you have done for this project.
    lol768 - You were always so kind friendly and patient. Besides drtshock, you were my first friend on IRC. I will always love you <3
    DSH105 - Thank you for being my team lead, you were there when TnT and mbaxter were not! You were incredibly freindly and helpful when needed. Thank you for everything.
    -at- All the other staff - Thank you all for being so kind, open hearted and welcoming. At last but not least; You, The Community - Thank you all for being part of this amazing community. Without you there wouldn't be any Bukkit <3

    Regards, CeramicTitan
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    Thanks for your contribution to Bukkit and Goodbye!
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    God luck for future projects, will you still develop plugins? Im a fan of a few of yours :)
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    Probably not on Bukkit, but I will make sure I find people to take over my projects.
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