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    Plugin category: Economy

    Suggested name: CustomSellSign

    What I want: A plugin that will allow us to make a sign with [Sell] on the first line that will open a chest GUI when clicked by players. Once in the GUI they will be able to place items into the GUI and once they close it, it will sell the items for a set price.

    Maybe have a configuration file to go along with it where we will be able to state what blocks that can be sold and how much they will sell for. If they player goes to sell an item that is not stated in the file it will return the item to the players inventory with a message saying "This item can not be sold".

    Optional Feature's: Being able to place a sign down with [SellPrice] or just [Price] on the first line. Which when clicked with an item in hand it will desplay a message to the player that says "This item can be sold for (price of item stated in config)"

    Economy Plugin: We are currently using the Essentials Economy.

    /sellsign reload - Reload the plugin and the config files

    sellsign.reload - Reload the plugin and the config files
    sellsign.use - Use the signs in the plugin

    As long as it takes really but within 2 weeks would be awesome.

    We have spent a while searching dev.bukkit for a plugin that offer's these features but weren't successful. We have looked at getting other plugins but we felt having this one made would be a better choice for us. So it would be lovely if someone could help us out. :)

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    This type of plugin will help servers that want a compact market. Anyone able to give this a go?

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