Customizable System to promote a varied Diet

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    Plugin category: Gameplay Mechanics, Food, Survival, Realism

    Minecraft version: 1.19.2

    Suggested name: Diversified Diet

    This the idea: By default, the plugin could have 2 modes: Food Pyramid, and Food Limit

    The food Pyramid would would separate food items into real life inspired dietary groups/categories, giving different bars for each group, some kind of hunger bar that would take "x" Minecraft days to deplete, if the bar gets to 0, the player loses a certain amount of hearts from their Health Bar (or other kind of punishment), any food item in a group would make the corresponding bar go up, if a food group if full, the player can eat items in that group, but won't gain any saturation from it, some items, like soups/stews or cake could advance multiple bars at once.

    Food Limit would be similar, but instead of grouping the items, every food would have its own counter, and there would be no penalization for forsaken a food item, just the limitation of not being able to gain saturation from over-eating it, forzing the player to wait a while and eat other things in the meantime.
    Server operators would be able to edit any Food Group, create new, the items in them, if the maximum is measured in individual items, or in total saturation, as well as the maximum value, to ignore certain items, and to add Any item from other Plugins or from Datapacks, this could be done in game by placing the items in a chest and selecting to which group the content of the chest goes to, or with a Chest UI.

    Features that would be optional:
    - Arcane Group; food items with magical effects would have their own group, there's No penalization for not eating things that fill this group bar, but there is a limit to doing it.
    - All bars cared bonus; since the health of the player decreases if they ignore a food group bar, it makes sense that if they have all the bars in a healthy level, they will get a bonus of a couple of hearts to their total Health Bar.
    - Customizable effects on bar level; maybe the player recives a different kind of punishment (or more than one) for neglecting a specific food category, maybe they get Blindness occasionally if they forsake the 'vegetables' category, perhaps you want punishments for topping a bar, so the player gets Blindness occasionally for having a maxed out "sweets" bar.
    - Cravings, every day the player would wake up craving for a specific food item they have already eaten, and haven't eaten in a while, upon satisfying said craving, custom commands would be run by the console, by default, it would give the player a little extra saturation and 20 XP points.

    Customizability would be ideal, specially when there's so few options for a plugin like this, that are even updated. You could even add potions to the different food Groups!, anything that can be eaten, a setting would let you toggle on the addition of any item, even swords, but since they can not be eaten, their presence in a group would mean nothing. This would aim to improve compatibility with any item, from any plugin, and any datapack.

    Ideas for commands: /dd add foodgroup <name>
    /dd rename foodgroup <name> <newname>
    /dd delete foodgroup <name> confirm <true/false>
    /dd edit foodgroup <name> (a chest UI appears, you can drag items in and out of there, there would be icons to Save, Undo [Changes], and Default in case the Food Groups is one of the default ones that come with the plugin)
    /dd restore_defaults (re-adds any default foodgroup) reset_changes <true/false> (If reset is set to false, any change made to default food groups will be kept, the command will only restore any deleted default group)
    /dd activate_arcane <true/false> (adds the default arcane group for magical consumables)
    /dd edit fooditems (A UI appears, letting you place 1 item in the center, allowing you to change it's saturation, see the groups its part of, and select how many units it's worth on each of those groups, in case the mode that counts the number of items eated is selected instead of the saturation one, by default it would be 1 for for single food, and 3 for soups/stews)

    Ideas for permissions: dd.inmunity The player will be inmune to any Diversified Diet effect
    dd.ignore Diversified Diet won't keep track of anything regarding that player
    dd.level.0/vd.level.2/vd.level.5/etc. Diversified Diet would let the server operator/owner make various different config .yml files, 0 would be the default and global, the other numbers would be called config_n, this way, different groups or individual players would experiment different kind of diets and effects.

    This would be a huge tool honestly, with a way to overwrite the saturation and effects of Vanilla items, and support for items with an specific Name and NBT data, we could even give new life to food added by Resource Packs, other settings an ideas could be optional, this would let anyone with a bit of time design different diets and strategies for their players.

    Ask me if anything doesn't makes sense, or if you want me to try and elaborate even more a feature.

    /Various editions made to the text./
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