Custom weapons w/ time limit?

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    Plugin category: RPG/Fun

    Suggested name: Items+, Weapons+ ? Your choice.

    What I want:
    I came up with this idea of a plugin when I play FPS games like Crossfire, Soldier Front, and any other FPS games. They always feature an item like Z-Coins and stuff, and if they bought a weapon, there are days indicated on that weapon. After the days expires, it's all gone. You have to buy it again.

    This plugin will be focused on the items. Like on CustomItems plugin, it has custom lore, name, and enchantments. But, this is something more amazing if someone makes it. It can be buyable (is that a word?). You have to buy it from a shop, or in a web shop (Suggest is MySQL for web shop. It is a great strategy for donation basis.) or bought using a sign:

    (Name of the weapon)

    (Price will suddenly appear after editing the config. Or if there's no price dictated, it'll appear FREE.)

    and if you bought that item, you can have it forever OR with days. Example: They bought that item at the website, after buying it, they will have to do a command to retrieve the bought item (especially when the server is Inventory Separated). They will type in a command, then if it is executed, the item will appear. If you wanted to add days on it, you just have to put time (in seconds, minutes, hours, or days. Like 10s or what ever.).

    To sell the item, or add it into the shop, you should like do a command, with the item in hand. Like: /weapons add (name of item) (shop name). After which, the item will be stored in a config file of the plugin. You can edit the config for later.

    Also, there will be an option that makes the item bought from that shop, NOT DROPPABLE (again, is that a word?). There will also be an option that the item will not break. You can only edit the unbreaking and the anti-drop item on the config like drop: false.

    The price of the item will also be edited on the config of the plugin.
    The time of the held item will be on format: timeonhand: (seconds). If they bought the same item, but still on the inventory of the player, it should add days on it. (Only if the item is on the inventory. If the item is on the chest, it will never get the additional days thingy.)

    ALSO, if the item expires, it disappears COMPLETELY in the world. Even on chests, hoppers, inventories, EVERYWHERE. In order to have it again, you should buy it again. Or either way, it won't be moved from your inventory to another, for example, inventory to chest, hopper, ETC. That weapon/item will be EXCLUSIVELY YOURS ONLY. NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES YOU DIE, IT WON'T DROP. (It depends on what it says in the config.)

    This will be great on some RPG servers, or in semi-FPS servers.

    Ideas for commands:
    /weapons create (shop name) - It creates the shop.
    /weapons add (name of item) (shop name) - When adding an item. The item should be on the hand.
    /weapons remove shop/item (name of item/shop) - Removes the item
    /weapon redeem - This is a command if you bought it on the web shop. VERY ADVISABLE TO MAKE.

    Ideas for permissions:
    weapons.createshop - Permission to create shop
    weapons.add - Adding weapons
    weapons.remove.weapon - Removing the weapon - Removing the shop
    weapons.debug - Ofcourse, debugs if it works
    weapons.reload - Reloads the config without any conflict.
    weapons.(name of the weapon) - it adds permission to that weapon. For example, you have to get this rank, in order to buy, or get that weapon.
    weapons.redeem - Permission to redeem the item in the world.

    When I'd like it by:
    Well, as soon as possible though. It will be a GREAT addition to all RPG servers that wishes this plugin. It'll be a BLAST!

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    I just need the things I dictated from this post. It'll be a GREAT addition. :)
    Thank you ^_^
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