Custom Suffix(Colored Name) System

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by BradleyFlorence, Dec 9, 2014.

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    Plugin Name: UBSuffix

    What it would do: I need this Plugin to Override Essentials and GroupManager and Change the Color of the Players Name to Whatever they would like...

    Commands: These Commands Could Be /suffix (Your Name/ Other Players Name[This is Only for OPS or People with the Perm.] (Then Recreate your name In the Color you would Like) etc &1B&2radley&6F&9lorence
    etc. /suffix BradleyFlorence &1B&2radley&6F&9lorence

    Permissions: ubsuffix.admin (To Change Other Players Color)
    ubsuffix.color (To Change your Own Color)

    When I'd like it by: Idk About a Week or Two maybe.

    Other Info: This Plugin Needs to OverRide GroupManager(Prefix/Suffix) And Essentials (Color of Name)

  2. I can make this .
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    @MaTaMoR_ thanks;)

    how long will it take?​

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  4. at friday.
    im not at my house... tomorrow ill start making this, this will take 30 min -
    1 h (i'm not pro programmer thats why this will take 1 hour for be made), and you can make a config example ¿?
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    Have you had a look at MChat?
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    Config doesnt really need much since its all in game so maybe the Config could be this:

    UBSuffix by MaTaMoR_ v 1.0 (Whatever Version)

    Allowed Colors:

    &1: yes
    &2: yes
    &3: yes
    &4: yes
    &5: yes
    &6: yes
    &7: yes
    &8: yes
    &9: yes
    &a: yes
    &b: yes
    &c: yes
    &d: yes
    &e: yes
    &f: yes
    &k: yes
    &o: yes
    &l: yes
    &m: yes
    &n: yes
    (All Yes by default)(And can be changed if wanted)

    Remember this Plugin has to override essentials and groupmanager...
  7. you want the rank prefix ¿? or just his nick ¿? and its really hard make that config, because ill "translate" the color fom the message "&" with this "CahtColor.translateAlternateColorCodes('&', text); so i cant select what colors are allowed... i cant try do that with .replaceAll but is really hard make it :S
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    Okay then do it how you can and it doesnt need to be a prefix it needs to be like a color me plugin where you can change the color of your name as like a donor perk so the name can be colorfull:) @MaTaMoR_
  9. 1.8 version ? 1.7.9 ?
  10. @MaTaMoR_ If it is 1.8, it wouldn't be bukkit so they shouldn't be posting in this section, so go with 1.7.9 :)
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    yes use 1.7.9 you can update it to 1.8 later;) thx
  12. Done :D after some hours because i used for first time new things ...
    Download Link : > Click Here <
    Commands :
    /suffix #You can just use /suffix <suffix> or /suffix <player> <suffix> .
    /ubs reload #Reload main config file "config.yml" not database .
    Permissions :
    ubsufix.suffix #Acces to /suffix <suffix>
    ubsufix.suffix.other #Acces to /suffix <player> <suffix>
    ubsufix.reload #Acces to /ubs reload
    Features :
    You can ban words , characaters , set max suffix length min length and change a little bit the format chat :D and you cant take a suffix who was already taken (to prevent players catch the name of an admin).
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    @MaTaMoR_ Thanks Except... 1.) This doesnt need to be a Nick naming system to be whatever you want... any way you could make it to where they can only change the color/font of their name to color or italics or bold or obfuscated etc.
    and also if you could... whenever you do /suffix I don't want it to completely erase your whole name with like the groups(prefixes) you have. so If it said [Owner] BradleyFlorence I don't want it to get changed to BradleyFlorence (without the prefix[Owner]) whenever I run the command /suffix &1BradleyFlorence| Any Way this can be fixed?

    Also a Question about ^^^^ Maybe instead of doing all that... just add variables to the config so maybe it can be (How do you want the msg format: %group% %playername%: %msg%... or is this already a thing because if so Its perfect!
  14. 1) I asked if you want rank prefix but you did say "doesnt need to be a prefix it needs to be like a color me plugin where you can change the color of your name" anyways i can add rank prefix not problem with that.
    2) I can't do that i can do something like if(newprefix.contains(player.getName) -> set prefix , but probably will not work with names like "&4Ma&bTa&7MoR" and if this works players can do something like "RoMaTaM" ...
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    @MaTaMoR_Okay thanks that will be good lol
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