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  1. I would like this plugin to have a countdown from 5 to 1 then run the command /restart and have a customize message when server restarts.... also have customizable messages of the countdown also can you make it so it restarts at a certain and not a certain amount of minutes or hours from when you set it cause I would want it to give a 10 minute warning then a 5 minute then a 1 min then a 5-1 sec countdown and it restarts at midnight
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    Take a look at my launcher ;)
    (Minecraft server monitor)
    Then take a look at custom commands
  3. Blocky4Programs I run my server through a host I can't upload this to him
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  5. BillyGalbreath how do you set the time you want the server to reset with your plugin?
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    By using another plugin like this one:
    So, 3 things are needed. TCE plugin for executing the restart command at a specific time (midnight). ShutdownNotice for the notification countdown. And a custom .bat/.sh that will automatically start the server again when it stops.
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    Locked. These forums are for CraftBukkit servers. If you are running other software, you should seek support from the makers of your server build.
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