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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Patty_Mayo, Sep 16, 2022.

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    Plugin category: Police/Jail

    Minecraft version: I would like it to support from 1.12.2 through 1.19

    Suggested name: DeepPD

    What I want: I’d like a custom police plugin that has a stick that is named Police Baton (In &9&l color code) that will send the player that the police officer combat tags the player that is wanted to jail that is set using the /setjail command that simplejail offers. I would also like a command that cops can use to get the police armor that I can make in game and then add that to the command using an in game command that police officers don’t have access for to add things to the /duty command. I would also like it to have a option that I can set the time the player gets jailed for and can be viewed by the player in jail with most commands. I do not want them to be able to use any commands besides ones that you can talk to other players with, also would like them to be able to pay the officer that jailed them with /pay from essentials. I would also like there to be a command that the officer can use to release the criminal from jail if that player paid the bail. Also would like it to have an option in the config that I set a message to send in chat whenever a player gets jailed. The command to add the duty items will need to add the items that are in the admin’s inventory, also need a command that will give the admin the police baton to add to the police duty items! A police chat that they can send 1 message with /pc or toggle police chat with /pctoggle, and a command that will tell the officer how many players the wanted player(s) have murdered with the list of users that the criminal murdered since server reboot//incident count needs to reset daily, by doing /incidents playername. And the Duty command will give them a new inventory with the police duty items only and if the wanted player has drugs, the drugs will go into the cops inventory, the drugs itemnames would be vanilla item names so it would take that item from the players inventory even if it isn’t a drug but will be returned by the cop when they are released. Also when a cop is in /duty they can not drop items, they can access chests etc and when they want to leave duty to do something else, they would just do /duty, and when they leave duty they will have their inventory they had before they went into duty. Also would like a command that police can use to make a police announcement to the whole server, such as /policesay (message). Along with /police promote (player) (rank) - Jr Police, Sr Police, or Chief (those 3 options) along with /police demote (player) citizen. The permissions plugin that will be used is PermissionsEX.

    Ideas for commands: /pc /incidents (player) /pctoggle /duty, /release (player), /additems, /getbaton, /policetp (player), /police promote (player) (rank) - Ranks are Jr Police, Sr Police and Chief, /police demote (player) citizen, /policesay - police broadcasting system

    Ideas for permissions: deeppd.duty deeppd.*(ADMIN ONLY) deeppd.policesay deeppd.release deeppd.additems deeppd.getbaton deeppd.incidents deeppd.pc deeppd.pc.toggle deeppd.policetp deeppd.promote deeppd.demote

    When I'd like it by: 10/10/2022 - October 10th 2022

    Also want a way for police to tp 300-400 blocks away using /policetp (player)
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    Bump - will need this as soon as possible but no later than october 15th 2022
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