Filled Custom Item (Part 2)

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by BlueBearPvP, Apr 5, 2016.

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    Hey Guys,

    I had recently created a thread requesting for a custom item. Now I have another idea for another custom item :p.

    Plugin category: Tools/Item

    Suggested name: GolemHead

    What I want: A Golem Head that gives a player resistance 2 when the player wear it. I want the "player head" to be a golem skin. The custom recipe should be:

    "I I"
    "I I"

    I = Iron Block
    P = Pumpkin
    H = Head

    Ideas for commands: /golemhead give BlueBearPvP (give the custom item to a player).

    Ideas for permissions: golemhead.give

    When I'd like it by: Doesnt really matter. No rush :D

    PS: The last custom item was a lightning bow if anyone was wondering. :D
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  3. I will start on this. Is this 1.9 or 1.8 and would you like a permission for actually getting the effect when the skull is worn?
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    This doesn't require anything specific to 1.8 or 1.9
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    I dont need any permission for getting the effects.

    I would like it in 1.8. Thanks for your time!
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    Hey @BlueBearPvP,

    Seeing as I already made part one I decided to start making this one as well. It won't be ready as quick as the other one, but it's in the works.

    (Also happy birthday!)

    Alright I think it may be done although I don't have a means of testing it right now so I don't know if it actually works... Once I've tested it I'll update this post if it's ready.
    Also if it's alright, I added the golem head to the existing lightning bow plugin. (Although it has permissions so if you want to disable one you can just remove the permissions from people and it will not be usable).
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    1. Hey!! Thank you again for the other plugin. It would be great if you could do this one!

    2. Thanks!!!

    3. It would be ok if you add it to the existing lightning bow plugin! Thanks for your time in making this plugin! I was wishing that you could do this custom item, but thought that you were busy and didnt want to bother you :)
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    Ok, should be done!

    /customitem help
    /customitem <item name> [optional player]
    Alias: /ci

    customitem.command - To use anything related to /customitem
    customitem.command.lightningbow - Give yourself the Lightning Bow
    customitem.command.golemhead - Give yourself the Golem Head
    customitem.command.giveother - Give someone else a custom item
    customitem.craft - Crafting
    customitem.craft.golemhead - Craft a Golem Head
    customitem.craft.lightningbow - Craft a Lightning Bow
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    Thanks you very much! It work the way I wanted it to! I really appreciate it.

    I will sure to tell you if I have another idea for another custom item :D
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