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    Plugin category: Admin

    Suggested name: CustomHealth

    What I want: A plugin where you can set someone's hunger and health, and set it's max too. You can also stop naturalregeneration for that one player. You can set someone's health or hunger from console or from a commandblock. 2 hearts = 1/max health

    Ideas for commands: <> = Required [] = Optional {} = Variable - Not needed
    Hunger Perms:
    • /chh hunger set <health> [player] - If no player, sets the sender's hunger
    • /chh hunger max <max hunger> [player] - Sets the player or the sender's max hunger.
    • /chh feed <player> - Feeds the player to max hunger
    Health Commands:
    • /chh health set <hunger> [player] - Same as above but with health.
    • /chh heal <player> - Heals player to max health.
    • /chh health max <max health> [player] - Sets the player or the sender's max health.
    Console syntax:
    Hunger Commands:
    /chh hunger set <player> <hunger>
    /chh hunger max <player> <max hunger>
    Health Commands:
    /chh health set <player> <health>
    /chh health max <player> <max health>

    Ideas for permissions:
    Hunger Perms:
    • chh.hunger.set - Lets you set your hunger
    • chh.hunger.set.other - Lets you set any player's hunger
    • chh.hunger.max - Lets you set your max hunger
    • chh.hunger.max.other - Lets you set any player's max hunger
    • chh.feed - Lets you use /chh feed
    Health Perms:
    1. - Lets you set your health
    2. - Lets you set any player's health
    3. - Lets you set your max health
    4. - Lets you set any player's max health
    5. chh.heal - Lets you use /chh heal

    When I'd like it by: As soon as you can. Take your time
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    That's a pretty cool idea.
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    Someone made a post that they'll do it, they removed it, guess no one... Bump?
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    I will try to get on it ASAP but I have a bit of work to do. Also I don't have internet at home but I should be getting it back today. It's a pretty simple pluguin and you messed up some of your commands. xD
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    Edit: Nevermind, I just switched things backwards, fixed.
    Also you type "pluguin" incorrectly. ;)
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    Maved Thanks! Finally someone does, have fun trying!

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