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  1. So I have been looking for a for a plugin that randomly creates dungeons like sky temples, and mob caves, and cool stuff like that, with loot in them. I have been searching for a long time now, and have not found one. If anyone knows of one that exists please let me know, or if anyone wants to code one, It would be greatly appreciated. I am new to plugin development, and am not the best at coding.

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    Try out my Plugin MagicLoot, it adds Ruins with Loot.
    For more customization, you would have to wait until 2.0 gets released though.
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  3. mrCookieSlime

    Cool plugin! Can you please add a command /randomdungeonspawn that will randomly spawn a dungeon, and broadcast the cords to the new dungeon to the server. It would be another way for servers to get donations with the new EULA you cant give donation rewards to just 1 person, you have to give it the entire server, so you don't become "pay to win" - Mojang 2014. Just please make it so that it doesn't spawn in someones house! That would suck, and my staff would get bombarded by complaints about "my house is gone and now there is a dungeon full of mobs!"
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    My Location Calculator is very smart about that. And I will add that, I am anyway trying to implement as much EULA-friendly donation perks as possible, so it is more interesting for your Users as well as easier for you. Because I definitely dont want you guys to give up your Servers just because of the fact that you dont know how to collect Money using EULA-friendly ways.
  5. mrCookieSlime
    Thanks, make sure you let me know when the update comes out!
  6. mrCookieSlime

    So after trying out your plugin on my test server, I found that dungeons were spawning like every 50 blocks or so, in 30 min I had full enchanted diamond, and a op axe. I looked in the config and could not find anything to lower the spawn rate of dungeons, and I removed the attributes on items because they were causing extreme server lag. but when people analyze stuff, they can still get the attributes? if you know were I have gone wrong, please let me know.

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    You might have to wait a but though since Im really sick atm. Ill continue working on 2.0 and release it soon when Im feeling better.

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