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    I wanted to update you guys on where CurseForge is, and where it is going. For those of you that don't know, BukkitDev was brought into the CurseForge ecosystem late last year. This change has caused quite a stir with many of you, and I want everyone to understand that we do hear you, your concerns, and the issues you are having.

    From this point forward, we will be communicating changes and updates to CurseForge on a semi-monthly routine (twice a month or more). You can find the first of these posts from Friday here:

    We will have a much better way for you to submit bugs, suggestions, and issues in the near future. Until then, if you have a bug/issue to report, please feel free to PM me either here or on BukkitDev. Try to be detailed as I will be reviewing tickets and submitting/updating as they come in.

    Although this post focuses on BukkitDev, I'm happy to take issues and bug reports on the forums as well so that I can pass them onto the appropriate team members.
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