Curious, What Permissions Plugin Does Everyone Use?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by UDK450, Mar 11, 2014.

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    Title says it all. I currently still use PEX, but am considering switching to something a bit more new.
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    Everyone will say they use the best one and all the others suck.
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    King Pyro

    I use groupmanager, Just because thats what I started with and all I've learned. I don't see no reason to switch thus no reason to learn something else, It does what I want and I have no complaints :p
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    I use PEX, with some of the same reasons that King Pyro said. First perm plugin, does what I need it to do.
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    I use GroupManager. It is what I started with and I love the customization of it.
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    I use PermissionsEx, because its simple and I know how to use it :)
    It's very nice plugin.
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    GroupManager here.
    Though, you shouldnt judge a permission plugin by its age, as they are not effected by bukkit/MC updates at all, with the small exception of PermissionsEx, and i think Bpermissions. Instead check if it has all of the features you need, or if can be added on, and by stableness. Speed is not really a concern by nature of permissions plugins, since they dont do anything heavy unlike plugins such as worldguard.
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    I've just mainly been looking for something with the granular control of PEX, but idk, maybe even more features. Also, wish the it was split into users.yml and groups.yml, as I like to edit manually, sometimes when the server is online. Can't do that when I am overwriting permissions.yml.
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    Bpermissions and GroupManager both have a split users.yml and groups.yml.
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    PEX here, just because it makes sense and isn't overflowing with a bunch of unneeded features. Ingame permissions setup is the greatest part, though I'd like to see adding a space after prefixes. I can do it in the config but ingame commands don't work for that.
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    I use PermissionsBukkit, because it was the first and only permission plugin i tried and it does what's it is supposed to, even years later thanks to the Bukkit API <3

    What are the main differences between the main permission plugins ayway?
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    Custom implementations are fun too.
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    Excluding stability and catching YML errors, permission plugins usually differ in the following criterias:

    Split file or single file (Groups.yml and users.yml, or just permissions.yml), however YAPP takes it to the point of one file per user/group.

    Multiworld handling (Mirroring system (Gm, Bperms) vs multiworld as extra data (PEX, permsbukkit))

    '*' support (GM and PEX)

    Multigroup support: none, dynamic and rigid (privileges only supports one group, PEX, Zperms and other support dynamic multigroup, as in, when ranking a user his primary group may change to a sub group, and GM provides a rigid system where you explicitly mention if a group is primary or sub)

    SQL support: (PEX and Zperms support it, however no SQL support doesnt mean no alternatives)

    File structure: Different permission plugin define misc group data differently.

    Probably missed some primary differences, if i missed something, ping me.
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