Curious about 1.5 MC & Server Memory

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Blackstorm72, Apr 19, 2011.

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    Honestly, I am.
    Notch stated that performance improvements is on 1.5.
    Obviously we've seen it on clients where FPS is boosted and whatnot (even better for optiminers!)

    So, about the server with improvements. Is that included? Less RAM maybe? Would love that... anyone would (less resources = less money shelling out)

    Kinda hoping that I don't need to reserve ~100mb of memory with all the 30+ plugins I use.
    Yep, use that much. Why? We love plugins! Lol.

    Anyone else wonder? Or even know if it does or doesn't?
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    I can only wish.
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    100mb of memory for plugins is nothing. Also as bukkit is still 1.4 there is no way to tell yet. My currently vanilla server is running about 350mb with 10 players in it. Not bad, but that's with 0 plugins. My 1.4 bukkit server runs about 4 gigs peak and starts at about 1.5 gigs.

    Hope this helped.
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    Dang man.
    I usually allot ~100mb to 150mb (if the server is having a bad day) per person and it usually works very well.
    My server (which is on backup atm due to upgrades) is allotted at 2048mb, so I set the player amount to 20 (15 on bad days)

    Usually I have 4G in my server and I set it to 30 players, giving 1gig to the plugins in case of a plugin use that may increase the ram for a short period of time.
    I would love to see his code help reduce memory on it. I doubt it though, Java loves memory.
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    Haha yea. Well on my house pc my limit was about 20 players before it got really laggy. I had 8 gigs ram @ 1600 and 6 cores @ 4.2

    My server is now professionally hosted, i have 4 gigs on it. And for example when 40 people are online, there is little to no lag. Just ping lag. It all depends on your connection more than the hardware itself it seems.
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    True, my server gets about 93/88M on speedtest, and 11.2M/s getting cachefly's 100mb test file.

    Not bad here. 5-6 people on my server will use about 400mb of ram bursting up to 700 if they all use alot of resources due to the plugins.
    Upgrading to a 10GB 6 core server soon, maybe even a gigabyte upload link if it's slow on the 100Mbps connection. Looking forward to it!
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    City Builder

    Hmmm makes me wonder what it is that I'm doing wrong.

    I allocate 6GB to my server, and if there are only 1 to 8 people online I can watch task manager show Java.exe is using 4.5GB quite often. It starts off low enough at about 350mb but eventually it's up there after just a couple people to 1.7GB and eventually up there at 4.5GB(yes we have a lot of plugins, but not many that the users directly use)
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    WTF? How is everyone using like 3gb+ on a server? I use about 500mb on my public server, and it has like 30+ plugins on it. There is little to no lag on it too. It may be the hoster i use =/
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    What plugins are you running? I easily soak up 1.5gb with 5-7 players. Its unreal...
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    Very unreal, I thought me having well over 30 plugins (I found out I have 42 of them) would be really memory hogging.

    1.5gb with 5-7? Yikes. If linux, are you using OpenJDK? Cause that software sucks for MC users, I just use the sun java and even sometimes download it from instead.

    With 10 players, I'll be running at 800-1100mb, bursting to 1.5 if plugins are being highly used at times.
    Crazy. I hope that "performance improvement" helps memory too.
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    I'm running 30 players off of 2GB currently. Windows OS though
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    its a CentOS setup (VPS).

    Snowballz, MyWarp, Cookiez, DungeonReward, Essentials, uQuest, MultiInv, HeroChat, CraftBookMechanisms, creaturebox, FortuneCookie, BackupPlugin, PhatLoots, SignReadMore, BetterShop, Turnstile, Whitelist, FakeMessage, CraftBookCircuits, dynmap, WorldEdit, Lockette, Bukkit Flow Control, WorldGuard, Tombstone, StealthLogin, MultiVerse, DeathTpPlus, mcMMO, iConomy, FenceStack, FortressAssault, CraftBookVehicles, Permissions, CraftBookCommon, EssentialsSpawn

    I sit at 310mb without anyone in it. Then it can bounce up to 1.5 (well 1.0 according to McMyAdmin but I know the extension there) once people start crawling in. I'm still trying to find the memory leak in there...I pulled a few abilites from mcMMO to reduce it some helped a bit. :/
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