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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Hohahihehu, Feb 23, 2011.

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    I know many people prefer plugins like Realms or WorldGuard, but could someone port over Cuboid with all of the building tools intact? I know a lot of people would be really happy with that.

    EDIT: Please stop suggesting WorldGuard and WorldEdit, I know they exist but that isn't the point of the topic.
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    Edward Hand

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    Yes, I know about WorldEdit. I want cuboid specifically ported over, with both the protection and building features intact. Reason being is that on my server we have literally hundreds of cuboid protected areas, and not being able to load those protected areas would be catastrophic to griefing protection.
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    I agree, world edit is great and all but I like the simplicity of cuboid (compared to WorldEdit) plus I can't seem to figure out how to use WorldEdit/WorldGuard to protect areas. If anyone can please port cuboid over to bukkit!
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    yeah i would really live a cuboid as well iv been looking for ages :(
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    wait is that the code of a bukkit plugin or the hmod code for a dev. to port it over?
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    I'd really like Cuboid as well, but I am not unwilling to accept WorldEdit, as it is a really nice tool too. I guess it would take some getting used to, but if Cuboid is not coming to Bukkit, or will not be updated regularly, there would be no use.
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    I know WorldGuard exists. I know WorldEdit exists. I know both of them are awesome plugins, and sk89q is a great plugin maker. I would still prefer to have the cuboid plugin with all of its elements intact than using those two, despite added functionality. It's familiarity and easy of use mostly.

    The code I provided above is the hMod version that would need to be ported.
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    will step to bukkit soon, wait for Cuboid
    Cuboid is the only [​IMG] in the way for my [​IMG]

  12. Did you take a look at my iZone ?
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    I want cuboid to :D
  14. Did you take a look at my iZone ?
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    iZone is the bomb.
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    Hey guys! Just an FYI I wrote TPack and it contains cuboid building functionality. It currently only has the cfill/cdel with material feature, none of the cpyramid or csphere or protection. I am planning on adding those soon though but for now it has all the awesome features :D
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