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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Dark-Skript, Jan 13, 2013.

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    I need just a simple plugin that changes gunpowder into coal in realtime upon creeper drop and gunpowder interaction.

    Many thanks!
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    Wait, what? So you want creepers to drop coal?
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    Yes and I also want any gunpowder that players manage to get turned into coal. I don't have any use for tnt and its blocked on my server anyway.

    Can anyone make this for me? I am going to make my server public very soon but need the last few things.

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    And what about fireworks? Are they disabled too? Beacuse they need a lot of gunpowder...
    There are many plugins that change the drop of mobs, and you can make players be short of gunpowder by making them able to sell it somehow
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    I changed the Creeper drops like this on my server using OtherDrops (which I also develop). Here's an example:

        - drop: NOTHING # override default drop
        - drop: COAL
          chance: 50% # or whatever chance you want
    Not sure about changing it on interaction.
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    You're also wiping out all access to Splash potions.

    I suggest a better solution would be to just remove the recipe for TNT (with Recipe manager) or one of the dozens of other recipe modifying plugins
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    This worked fine, thanks very much!

    Now I just need to modify recipe for potion and fireworks to use coal instead :)
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    If you haven't already got a plugin for modifying the recipes there's one called RecipeManager that I've heard is good.

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