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    I'd like a plugin where a player can pay people/buy things using a credit card. A credit card account is opened using /copen. When you create an account you are given a credit card(paper named &bCredit card with a lore of your debt to the "Bank") and are told your credit limit. The credit card is a paper that displays your debt to the "Bank". You can pay using your credit card with /cpay. I'd like a default credit limit of $50,000, but a command (/climit <player> <amount>) to change a players credit limit. If you don't pay the bank after 24 hours, so like the bills, your money will be reset. I'd like there to be a warning every hour saying you have <X> time to pay your bills or your money will be cleared! <removed>

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    there are some credit card plugins out there... unsure if they have all the features your looking for... but could ask the dev...
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    Are you sure you want this? I can just see people getting 20 alts on and giving themselves all that cash :/ that would pretty much ruin your economy, wouldnt it?
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    simgar98 You could check if two people had the same IP address, that'd help unless they had a proxy.
  5. Gerov The problem is what if player1 comes on then his brother or friend came on at the same house then player2 would be blocked.
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    You can easily do this by Essentials :/

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