Creating custom gamemodes?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by rangersmash, Dec 10, 2013.

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    I'm not that bad at Java, and so I would love to be able to create my own gamemode (minigame). However, I have no idea on how to create a gamemode. If someone have any tips or tutorials, that would be great :)

    - rangersmash
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    rangersmash Well, I would say a few things:
    • Don't use just 1 class.
    • Make sure you know java and bukkit
    • And lots of other things xD
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    Okay. With multiple classes, the main one must contain listeners correct? What other things? Can someone also explain HashMaps and are they important?
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    You'll need to know how runnables work, collections etc... So as long as you know basic java the only problem should come down to certain things such as: knowledge of bukkit api/craftbukkit and ability to apply it effectively, as well as your creative ability in coming up with how the game will work then ensuring the code is effective yet efficient for what you need to get done.

    In terms of tips, I have a large amount but then again it really comes down to what point in development you're at, your current abilities, and as well as what you need help with specifically to get to the next stage in your plugin.

    I can't simply just say this is how you make a mini-game plugin as there are many different ways of approaching it- especially depending on what you need to get done. So, if you start work on it I'll be sure to help you out with advice and tips as much as possible as you go.
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    Thanks! :D So how would I start? Generate some simple code, with commands and things like that?
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    Better start with Java.
    You have to know the basic knowledge of Java otherwise you can't make a plugin

    €: You'll really need HashMaps, Array(Lists) etc. (and they are the basic knowledge of Java).
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    And.. you need to know how to make and use your own objects. You'd be surprised how many people don't know how to make objects.. even though it's an object-oriented programming language... and they just make everything way simpler. After all, it makes sense to make optimal use of objects in an object-oriented programming language.
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