Solved Create Explosion without Dropped Item Removal

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by MCMastery, Jul 7, 2014.

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    Hello. In my hub plugin people can throw "grenades" at each other that costs points, which makes players go into the air. There is also a "point bomb" which players can place on the ground and it will shoot a steady stream of gold nuggets out (each one you pick up gives you a point). But I have a problem: when a point bomb goes off and there are tons of gold nuggets all over, people can throw grenades at them and the resulting explosion removes the items. Is there a way to avoid this? I can't think of anything :-/
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    Maybe cancel the event. Or make a fake explosion (play the sound to the player EXPLOSION, then play the particle effect HUGE_EXPLOSION where the "grenade" lands). It gives the effect of an explosion :)
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    Maybe an EntityDamageEvent that cancels the damage when the item gets hit by a block explosion.
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    123ang but I still want the effect where people fly into the air when they get damaged by the explosion

    ReadySetPawn Thank you, that worked :D

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    that worked? it didn't even fire that event for me when items were destroyed by explosions
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    It worked for me, as far as I remember.
    I ended up doing World#createExplosion(); with the two booleans at the end being "false".
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