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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by ZanderMan9, Jul 9, 2014.

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    Hey, I'm working on a sort of "Pets" plugin. I've hit a bit of a roadblock with it, though. I know that you can spawn a wolf at a location using getWorld().spawnCreature(location, EntityType); but I need to... how to say this, create an entity without spawning it. A theoretical entity that my plugin can handle, and actually spawn once it's been worked with. I've googled around but to no avail. Can anyone enlighten me?
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    That method returns a LivingEntity which you should be able to work with right after spawning it. Do you have something specific you must do specifically before spawning the wolf?
  3. I don't think that is possible, but what you can do (the closest I know of) is making the entity invisible and make it not able to move (add Speed Potion to negative 1).
    Making entities invisible:
    If invisible potions work on entities, use that instead.
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    Thanks. I'll look around on the JavaDocs and such for the stuff you've told me :)

    I need to attach the wolf to the player that will be the owner. Should I spawn a dog w/ metadata... is it possible to do that to set the owner?

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    ZanderMan9 why don't you use getWorld().spawnEntity() instead? :confused:
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    Because, I don't think that allows me to do anything except spawn it right? No special nametags or anything like that..?
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    ZanderMan9 The best way to achieve this would be using an NPC lib. Find one that has the things you need and then control the entities via the NPC lib.
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    Whew... You mean krumpleblase2's libs? Such a massive library, I have no idea where to begin.
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    Yes, or Citizens.
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