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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by IamNoob, Dec 3, 2014.

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    Plugin category: Crates Key

    Suggested name: Fun

    What I want: Basically there will be a chest at a place, you can open it if you got a key that is a tripwire. Once you open it, you will get a reward. The reward will run a command that can be edited at the config. It also have a rare chance to get the current item.

    Ideas for commands:
    /ck give (name) (cratename) (amount) - It will give someone a key.
    /ck giveall (cratename) (amount) - Give everyone a key.

    Ideas for permissions:
    cratekey.give - Give key to someone
    crateket.give.all - Give everyone key

    When I'd like it by: Next week or earlier.
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    Look at one of my threads called mystery Crate maybe that will fit what you need.
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    The "Mystery Chest" is kinda hard to do config and when I do any command, it say "Unknown command".

    The "LootChest" doesn't have percentage of the plugin.
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    iknow maybe PreFiXAUT should fix this :p
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    IamNoob JordyPwner
    Well I already made something like that, but didn't publish it cuz it had some bugs in it and some people needed it inoffical. I'll take a look what's the probs on it and if there aren't too many I'll try to fix them and publish it.

    It has a TON of Configuration tho. It can contain Items, Commands or Packs (is basicly a collaction of Items/Commands). Every item/command/pack has a own rarity, and you can enable/disable each.
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    PreFiXAUT That would be awesome to see, I am opening my hub on the 11th and need a plugin like that ASAP!
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