Crates Crate Drops For Mining/Buildling Crate Reloaded

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by RevengeCreeper, Aug 5, 2014.

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    I Would Like A Plugin Where When You Are Mining Or Building You Have A Chance Of Getting A Crate That Is Setup In The New Plugin Crate Reloaded. Thanks For Helping Or Replying!
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    Please don't capitalize every word, it reflects on your maturity and is extremely difficult to read. Also in order to help us developers understand what you would like exactly, please do everyone a favour and use the post format.
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    RevengeCreeper something like: when a player mines a block, he/she has a specified chance to get bonus items?

    and you want this all in config, yes?
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    I'm not sure but i think this plugin has something to do with crates
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    To clarify for everyone, he is requesting an plugin which will drop an crate (My new plugin) when an player mines an block.
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    He's requesting the exact same plugin I made for my server which uses the Cactus Crate plugin made by Dinosaurs. I refuse to give it to him because 1, it can't be customized without editing the source and 2, he is trying to copy all of the features on my server for his server.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    1. Dinosaurs can give it after he modified it himself to be configurable.
    2. How are you that sure of that?
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    Because he plays on my server and asked me about an hour before posting this thread.
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    Im not trying to sox i was hoping i could get a build feature of what dinosawrs was talking about in the first place and i haven't even started my prison server.

    timtower i am not copy him completely im just adding some features to my survival server his are on a prison server

    Does anyone still wanna make this plugin i would be happy to test it!

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    I have found the perfect solution it is OtherDrops it is the perfect plugin for item/crate/anything drop plugin and it works perfectly for using smelting!

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