Crash reports every day

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by ChrisKiller, Jan 6, 2013.

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    Ok guys..every day my server has crash reports...Many times with the same error...
    Today we got one see..What is that?
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    I'm not too sure, Let me tag TnT Here. He may know what is wrong. :)
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    Issue with an array list that is tracking entities I think?
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  5. Those are plugin issues in roughly 100% (?) of the cases, so you should state plugins and their versions, keep them up to date (be sure to use a plugin version compatible with the server version you are running). I might not be able to help further, but without checking plugin versions you won't get this sorted out.
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    Ok i will update every single plugin on my server...
    Is there a way to be a chunk error?? Maybe the map corrupted??

    Thank you in advance..
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    I saw on this forum that this kind of errors were generated if someone walked near a bugging chunk and was pushing server to load it.
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