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    Plugin category: RolePlaying

    Suggested name: CraftAnvil, AnvilCraft, something about a crafting table and an anvil.

    What I want: I would like to see a plugin that open the crafting table gui when you try to open an anvil. I think it would make for more realistic roleplaying since a crafting table isn't exactly a real thing.
    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin.

    Ideas for permissions: anvil.normal (Let's you open a normal anvil instead of the crafting table if you have this.)

    When I'd like it by: It's not something I need right away but I don't think something like this would be terribly hard to make, so just take your time. No rush.
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    Simple plugin to make

    the permission CraftAnvil.normal will make Anvils open up normally.

    Workbenches still work though, so if you want me to change that, let me know. I kept it in since you need an extended crafting area in order to make an anvil.
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    Thanks!! It works great. :D The crafting tables are fine, I don't quite understand what you mean by extended area though.

    Edit: Oh wait, I know exactly what you mean. Yeah, that was smart then, so thanks more!
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    I should be able to add some crafting recipes in, if you can come up with them. Just remember that ores will need extended crafting for the pick and the furnace.
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    Yeah your gonna have to be running an adventure map or something otherwise you won't be able to craft it without different recipes.
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    Unless a lot of the recipes were changed.
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    Sorry for the late reply, I had gone out of town right after I replied. It's not going to be an adventure map, but the anvils won't need to be created by the players, so no need for a new recipe. I do have two questions though. Firstly, this shouldn't degrade the anvil when crafting, right? Secondly, would it be possible to disable a crafting recipe on a crafting table but not on the inventory crafting table? Also, anything that effects a crafting table, like a disabled recipe, would also be disabled on the anvil, correct?
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    All this plugin does is checks if the player has the permission to use an anvil normally, and if they don't have the permission, it closes the anvil and opens up a crafting inventory.

    It shouldn't degrade the anvil since it isn't using the anvil at all. Since they both are using the regular crafting gui, they both share the recipes.

    Edited it to add a config that will allow you to disable specific items from being made with both the Workbench and the Anvil Crafting, which allows them to use different recipes.
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