Craftbukkit or Spigot for 1.8?

Discussion in 'General Help' started by isleepzzz, Jan 20, 2015.

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    Hello Bukkit community!
    We should all know by now that we can get 1.8 jars for both craftbukkit and spigot.
    (not "official" jar files though)

    But i was curious, which one would you guys prefer? Should I use craftbukkit or spigot for my 1.8 server? Would one or the either have better performance? Would one be more compatible with existing plugins?
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    It depends what you want. I have a small server and use CraftBukkit. If you have a large server, Spigot may be better.
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    I've heard performance of both is similar tho spigot is focused on performance.
    I've only used Spigot. It seems like view distance and entity count are more of a factor than the version you use.
    Spigot does some things to hold down entity count like aggressively grouping mined material into single stacks.
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    Okay sweet. However is it more likely spigot might break more plugins or not really?
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    Anything that works with 1.8 will probably work in Spigot 1.8 as well as Bukkit 1.8.
    The major plugins will probably work in spigot as well as bukkit (tho you may need a particular compile).
    The two versions are 95+% the same and both versions appear the same to most plugins. Spigot is mostly just "large server optimized" Bukkit.

    You should test your plugins on a separate test server and see which work before you even look in the direction of your real server. And back up your real server entire directory (except dynmap which is huge and can be regenerated) so you can fail back.
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    You really don't need to worry. I can say 99% of plugins will work with both, the occasional won't, but it's usually a small plugin not anything required like WE, WG, Essentials, etc
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