CraftBukkit for Minecraft 1.4.6 DEVELOPMENT build is now available!

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, Dec 20, 2012.

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    A CraftBukkit development build with Minecraft 1.4.6 compatibility is now available!

    This build is COMPLETELY UNSUPPORTED so if you're not ready to deal with any bugs or issues that might crop up from running a development build, you should not be running it. We will be deleting any questions asking how to get this usable. If you have to ask where or how to get the development build, you should NOT be running it and posts of that nature will be deleted.

    If you're okay with running, are able to run a development build and want to help us get to a beta and RB sooner, please run this build and report any bugs you find on our issue tracker, Leaky. Please remember, the quality of this build is simply "it compiles!".

    Known Issues:
    • Monsters, villagers, etc. using portals (added in Minecraft 1.4) has been temporarily disabled.
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    Paintings work fine with the latest Dev snapshot git-Bukkit-1.4.5-R1.0-14-g9654e82-b2555jnks (MC: 1.4.6)
    Fireworks and Books just had their Metadata implemented (Thanks Wesley), update to the latest snapshot.
    Worldguard Worldedit and PermissionsEx all work beautifully. Get their latest builds from their Dev channels.

    If you don't know how to run a development server, then you shouldn't be using development software. Stick with the recommended or at best beta builds. Complaining about plugins not working on a development snapshot is useless.
    You need to know where to get the latest development versions of the plugins you want to use for the development branch of Craftbukkit. You don't run a production server with these, you are testing them and providing feedback to the authors.
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    How long do you guys think it will take to have a CraftBukkit Beta (1.4.5-R1.0) that will be stable up? Just wondering, not trying to be pushy. By the way, good job Bukkit-Team on getting a CraftBukkit Dev- (1.4.6-R1.0) out so soon.
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    Thanks for getting this bukkit in so soon! I mean the second I updated.... bukkit was already out. One problem though. My server runs WAY slower than it did before. I only run the essentials plugin now due to it being slower (and the fact that no plugins support 1.4.6 -_-) so, can you please fix in the beta build maybe? Thnx
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    Okay, That is very odd. But, make sure you update to 1.4.6 and see if that helps.
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