CraftBukkit for Minecraft 1.4.6 DEVELOPMENT build is now available!

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, Dec 20, 2012.

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    A CraftBukkit development build with Minecraft 1.4.6 compatibility is now available!

    This build is COMPLETELY UNSUPPORTED so if you're not ready to deal with any bugs or issues that might crop up from running a development build, you should not be running it. We will be deleting any questions asking how to get this usable. If you have to ask where or how to get the development build, you should NOT be running it and posts of that nature will be deleted.

    If you're okay with running, are able to run a development build and want to help us get to a beta and RB sooner, please run this build and report any bugs you find on our issue tracker, Leaky. Please remember, the quality of this build is simply "it compiles!".

    Known Issues:
    • Monsters, villagers, etc. using portals (added in Minecraft 1.4) has been temporarily disabled.
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    Can you show me how
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    When testing out the build on our test server it was spammed with errors. Where should we post them? Do you want errors if they are specific to some plugins or just bukkit ones?

    First time ever testing a build so soon. Good work on getting it out though.
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    Craftbukkit 1.4.6 for my client isnt updated yet :/
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    I am glad this works with McMyAdmin! Thanks alot guys! :)
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    I installed for my server and so far I found NO bugs! Thanks bukkit!
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    I feel so bad for you guys. You finally released the 1.4.5. build and then the very next day Minecraft is updated to 1.4.6.
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    comment fait ton pour les serveur pour les metre a jour
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    Bukkit 1.4.6 is running smooth on my server. Fixed PEX with using a dev build. Only bug im fighting against is that the pvp isnt working. Its set to true in config file but people cant hit each other. Someone already a fix for that??
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    Hats off to the Bukkit Team for working so diligently and hard over the course of the updates. Thanks!!
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    Ill have an update soon from our customers on how it runs. Just pushed it out today to our beta builds.
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    But WHY?!? some of us actually realize that it is a new build and we want to test it, some of us need to run a server, so we need the client, bugs or not, yeah they warned us and that should be enough, we're taking our own risks, why must they remove it though :(
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    Because anyone who thinks that they NEED the build can and will figure out where the download link is for it. As stated by EvilSeph:
    He's only protecting himself and his team from the hundreds of messages that would come saying "HELP, your 1.4.6 build destroyed my server! How to fix??!?!?!?!?", which I am sure would never happen.

    If you need the build that bad, you should try looking for it. It's not hard to locate.
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    How hard is it to find it on the website? I mean, there's one place where you always get your recommended builds and stuff from (, so perhaps.. you can find it there!
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    Point proven.
    Two posts, both complaining about something broken in an obviously UNSUPPORTED build, both posts deleted/removed.
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    Updating what? Also enchants do NOT show up on players swords and picks and armor etc etc etc. Does any one know the fix or do I have to wait untill the next build of bukkit to be released? :p
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    One issue, when I press E in creative, I get killed...
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    Is the mobs and villagers enabled with the build yet?
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    Yes... :confused:
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    LOL!!!!!!!!! Funny how Bukkit bring out a RB around the same time Mojang release a new version of Minecraft. I do not think this is a smart move. As soon as Bukkit release a RB it's almost instantly "out of date". Some of our players have already updated to MC 1.4.6 simply because the client asked them to. Others updated because there's a brand new MC version available. Where does that leave server owners running CratfBukkit? Well, it leaves them waiting for plugins to be updated to an RB that has already been surpassed by MC 1.4.6. So, we wait for CraftBukkit to release a RB only to find it's been surpassed by the client software as soon as you install it.

    This situation cannot last for much longer! Who the hell wants to be playing catch-up all the time when there's fewer and fewer people interested in an out-of-date version, compared to the Minecraft client?
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    I think he meant mobs going through portals, which is not enabled yet. AgentTripleC

    PLEASE stop these STUPID posts. They're driving me crazy. You're getting this software for free, and they're working as hard as they can at updating it. How much more can you expect?

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    So you want Bukkit (who doesn't work for Mojang) to release a RB as soon as Minecraft updates to the latest version? That is impossible, buddy. You can not realistically expect the Bukkit team to be able to have a build readily available with every release Mojang makes. Bukkit is built against Minecraft, which means it REQUIRES Minecraft.

    I'm sure they work as diligently as possible to get a Craftbukkit build released.
    Your expectations are too high. Try telling your players to hold off on updating until Craftbukkit is ready.

    If you really want an instant build, I would suggest you pick up Java coding, and make your own version. Then you will release the level of difficulties the Bukkit team encounters trying to live up to your unrealistic expectations. In the meantime, you wait patiently like everyone else.
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    Mojang should realize how important CraftBukkit is to Minecraft's popularity and help align the release cycles. They're the ones making all the money on it after all.
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    Well... I can expect a MUCH MORE.

    I'm just so tired of lousy excuses "because it is free, you can't complain" etc.

    If they were behind some multimillion corporate they could easily escape some criticism behind paid support. But they aren't.

    If you are going to make some software, and for free, and for available for everyone, you are SUPPOSED to EXPECT some heavy criticism. And if you can't take it, you stop it. Maybe some body with thicker skin will take it over from you.

    I have been a developer almost twenty years, involved very heavily with open source projects. I even own software consulting company.

    This cannot continue. The model is flawed. Either Bukkit team and Mojang got to get together, or this update nightmare is going to kill either one. And I think it's going to be Bukkit.
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    So uhhhh, this bukkit thing...... I wish it wasnt so buggy
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    Everyone who is complaining:

    Don't be so rude all time. I created a new server with this build and Worldedit, Worldguard, essentials and PermissionsEx and everything is working fine except PermissionsEx. They have to update it first. You just have to wait for official builds of the plugins. I'm using dev builds now and everything is working fine. So don't always blame the developers of Bukkit!
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    Signs are causing lag whenever you make a sign shop.

    [Server] WARNING Can't keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded?
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    -Paintings will disappear after placed, when you log out and back in
    - While holding a crafted firework, then do /i 401 (firework), it gives you a stack of the firework you were holding.
    - Many Plugins do not work, Such as WorldGuard, WorldEdit, SOME Permissions, grief protection plugins, and more
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    Doesn't happen to me, If you have too much running on your PC at once, It could just make the server run slower. Especially if its an older PC. I have created a server specific PC so I don't run into any issues.
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    It's a dedicated server with 2GB RAM and a 100mb connection, not a PC.
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