CraftBukkit for Minecraft 1.4.4 DEVELOPMENT build is now available!

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, Nov 13, 2012.

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    With the news that the Minecraft 1.4.4 update will be released tomorrow, we've decided to push out a developer quality build (i.e. "it compiles and runs", no guarantees) to help us get to a Beta release faster. As of this post, we've shifted development over to Minecraft 1.4.4 compatibility and now have development builds available with Minecraft 1.4.4 support. While we would love to be able to do this for every Minecraft update, the speed at which we can update is determined by the size and complexity of the update and this varies with each release.

    Please only use this build if you're familiar with the Minecraft snapshot process and would like to help us get a Beta Build out soon after Minecraft 1.4.4 is officially released. This build is COMPLETELY UNSUPPORTED and if you do not know how to acquire Minecraft 1.4.4 early to use it, you should not be running it. We will be deleting any questions asking how to get this usable. If you have to ask where or how to get the development build, you should NOT be running it and posts of that nature will be deleted.

    WARNING: Minecraft 1.4.4 is an update that requires clients to update before being able to connect. Running this build will render your server inaccessible until Minecraft 1.4.4 is officially released.

    Will plugins break with this build?
    Provided the developers of the plugins you are using are keeping up with the development of Bukkit, all your plugins should work fine. Unless we specifically have to break plugins or the plugins you are using are employing inappropriate practises, most plugins should work without needing an update whenever we put out a new release.

    What is a Developer Build?
    A Developer build is provided AS IS and COMPLETELY UNSUPPORTED. You should only be running these builds if you are completely aware of how to properly make use of them. Support request of ANY KIND will be removed without warning. If you have to ask where or how to get the development build, you should NOT be running it and posts of that nature will be deleted.

    Known Issues:
    • Torch flame graphical glitch resulting in a torch's flame flickering randomly on the screen. This is a Minecraft bug that can't be fixed by Bukkit.
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    Be sure to test. :D
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    Great job! I'm sure a lot of people are happy.

    I know I am. I was the first person to like this ;)
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    Master Gabe

    Awesome! :)
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    Here I am browsing github and seeing it was pushed 2 minutes ago. 1.4.4 isn't even out yet, go figure!
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    Everyone's building their own villages

    and I'm just sitting here testificating

    Awesome job guys, dev build out in NEGATIVE time. That is a new Bukkit record :)
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    Sweetness! :cool:
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    Thanks for keeping us in the loop!
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    I'm pretty sure this is a first haha, Totally makes up for the slightly delayed 1.4 release!

    Thanks so much! off to go blow up everything and test.
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    I compared the API to the 1.4.2 R 0.1 API and there is no craft event for anvils (like a repair item event). I was just wondering if stuff like this will be added in the next Beta build?

    By the way great work guys. Fastest dev build yet.
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    Excellent work team.
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    Great Job Guys! :D
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    Awesome :D
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    Record timing. Great work.
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    Good time to start. Please keep it updated
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    Thank You EvilSeph!
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    Awesome Job guys. I was expecting the usual few days wait for a release. But this is just great will put up a test build right away :D
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    well at least we won't have to listen to the trolls complaining, good job!
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    In addition to my last statement, thanks for the hard work. Keep it up !
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    Nice work!
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    Good job, looking forward for new beta release.
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    Alright! Thanks. :D
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    Oh wow that was fast. Amazing job guys!
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    That's really fast. Thanks for the update guys, great job :)
  26. i am not the one that realy write to much .. but GOD WOK guys ,, if i knew how to send you guys a Pizza i wuld do it .. keep upp the good work BK team.
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    Minecraft isnt updated? why please tell? It should bhe out now tomorrow is today!
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    The only plugins I have found to be causing issue's is "Citizens 2" and "LWC". Citizens being the NPC.class error and LWC player.interact errror I hope they fix these :D And what a fast Dev Build :) Well done Bukkit
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    Good. just gotta wait for the Recommended Build or at least a Beta :3
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