CraftBukkit 1.5.2-R1.0 RB CANDIDATE is now available!

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, Jun 13, 2013.

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    A Recommended Build candidate with Minecraft 1.5.2 support is now available!

    What's an RB Candidate?
    A Recommended Build candidate is a build of CraftBukkit we designate as having an extremely high chance of becoming our next Recommended Build release. These candidates are released to help facilitate and direct testing efforts within the community to ensure that we are, indeed, ready to release it. As many servers rely on our Recommended Build system to run their servers with the peace of mind that their production servers will run without any problems, we like to focus the efforts of our community on testing our candidates to make sure that there are no glaring bugs present.

    If there are no issues discovered with this RB Candidate, we'll likely be promoting this build to a proper Recommended Build soon afterwards.

    Why did this RB take so long?
    Many servers within the Minecraft community have grown to trust our Recommended Builds system as a sure fire way to run a stable and problem free Minecraft server. Unfortunately this trust means that we can end up having delays on our path towards the next Recommended Build as we strive to provide the highest quality product we possibly can.

    Simply put: we were unable to promote a build until we had proper support for the new features added in recent Minecraft updates or else we'd run the risk of leaving servers in a situation where they would not be able to protect themselves by controlling each feature if they found a need to. One major delay we faced with this Recommended Build was needing to design and implement new API to support plugins that need to manipulate and control the new inventory related features like, for example, double clicking and drag clicking within the inventory.

    Realising the need for this feature to be completed, I placed the project under a code freeze and directed all project resources to moving us towards a Recommended Build. Though this did result in a quiet period for the project where we saw little to no activity on the development side, the code freeze did help bring us forward towards this Recommended Build candidate as we put our collective heads together to tackle the problems we were facing.

    The unfortunate truth is that Bukkit is built on an unpredictable moving target that the project has no control over. This unpredictable and fluid nature is also the reason why we do not and simply cannot provide the community with any ETAs.

    How do we plan to prevent further delays?
    We are planning to make big and exciting changes to the Bukkit project. Some of which include rethinking the way our project is organised and functions by, for example, splitting our development teams into three separate areas:
    - Update Team: responsible for updating Bukkit to support new Minecraft updates, as well as moving us towards the first Beta and Recommended Builds following a Minecraft update.
    - Development Team: responsible for day-to-day development of Bukkit and design decisions, working closely with the Pull Request Handling team.
    - Pull Request Handling Team: already established, responsible for handling, responding to pull requests and getting them handled in a timely manner.

    Naturally, this new team structure means we're planning to expand and grow our numbers as a project and will be opening up the project with a new application process among other things.

    The idea behind this change is that we will no longer have 3-4 individuals responsible for every aspect of development within the project. Instead we will have specialised groups that are clearly responsible for certain aspects of the project, reducing the amount of stress and burnout our team members experience as a result of Minecraft updates, API work and so on. I'll be going into more detail about these changes in future announcements but our Pull Request Handling Initiative was simply just the beginning.

    Download and help us test the CraftBukkit 1.5.2-R1.0 RB CANDIDATE here
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    Haha Twitter has spoken. :p
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    Nice work team! I'm glad to hear that there are some organizational improvements so just a couple devs aren't being tortured :p
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    Will there be a new color code for RB candidate on as it still appear as a "Development build"?
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    Great work team.

    Please use Bukkit Help for assistance. Posts looking for help in this thread will be removed.
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    Always nice to see changes, good job guys.
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    Thanks guys!
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    Awesome work. Can't wait for more :D
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    Fantastic =D Thanks for getting it out!
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    My only question is; why weren't applications/whatever opened up sooner? I'm sure there are hundreds of people who would absolutely love to take part in the bukkit project. :)
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    Very Nice!
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    Excellent! Well done guys :)
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    Great work. Love the new team-layout.
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    I would like if there was a build where you could do /disable <plugin name> to disable a plugin, and /enable <plugin name> to re-enable it. Please reply and tell me if you can do that. - Your friend, ultra
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    I think that would require a lot of work to implement directly by the Bukkit staff. It would also cause issues with plugins that depend on other plugins to function, much less the plugin itself.

    Perhaps some alternatives would be for the plugin developer to add in the ability to disable their plugin and cause it to "hibernate", or to make a plugin library that would create an API for other plugins to do this.
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    Awesome job guys! (Like always. :p)
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    Build is running fine.
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