CraftBukkit 1.3.1-R1.0 is now available!

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, Aug 7, 2012.

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    A new CraftBukkit Recommended Build (1.3.1-R1.0) that provides Minecraft 1.3.1 compatibility is now available.

    Important information about this first Recommended Build following a Minecraft update:
    The first Recommended Build, as always, is a slightly more polished development build that we're promoting to a Recommended Build so that people who rely on a Recommended Build being available can try out our development builds and decide if they want to use them.

    Will plugins break with this build?
    Provided the developers of the plugins you are using are keeping up with the development of Bukkit, all your plugins should work fine.

    Download CraftBukkit 1.3.1-R1.0 here
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    lol'd at the graph.

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    This server is now running dev build 2325 in case anyone wants to do any testing, I can give you op er whatever if you need it. Still no plugins. No errors, I haven't tested for lag though, I'm at work ATM :/
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    Once Again

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    You will only see the new features ( desert ruins jungle temples ect ) in chunks that have yet to be generated.

    Your existing map will look the same. You'll have to go exploring into uncharted territory for the new stuff to show up.
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    About time Seph!

    How the hell do you take all this crap and not explode!?! Gosh. These type of people deserved to have their IP banned from I feel I have to donate now just because of all the hard work Seph is doing!
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    Im happy about the early release, maybe there some bugs, but fine to me!
    I love Bukkit and looking forward to the next releases!

    You are doing great!

    Ignore the people who complain, alot user have no idea what kind of work you does here!

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    Keep up the Good work bukkit We love you guys all <3 =D ... [sheep]:D
    and dont mined those complainers [fire] ...
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    This is the info I got
    20:06:51 CONSOLE: [INFO] World "world": 1585chunks,2078entities
    20:06:51 CONSOLE: [INFO] Nether "world_nether": 625chunks,366entities
    20:06:51 CONSOLE: [INFO] World "world_the_end": 625chunks,11entities
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    Hello Bukkit staff and community.

    I'd just like to drop feedback, hopefuly get an answer to my problems. One thing I'd like to mention is that if I ever posted something that somebody else has already posted and has been replied to, I am extremely sorry for bothering. I know how annoying it is when people keep putting out the same issues over and over again.

    I have been experience very large issues with custom flying mods. It simply does not let me lag. At first I thought it was one of my plugins doing it but after testing on a clean server found it was due to Bukkit.
    This is extremely annoying and I think I'm not the only one. I have seen a few tickets on the issue tracker but they all are marked with the resolution "Won't fix". This is extremely annoying, I personally think Bukkit should not refrain people from using flying mods. I do not want to use creative flying as it is for one horribly slow and most importantly does not let me go through blocks like I used to with Zombe's NoClip addition.
    I'd just like somebody to direct me to a post or someone to reply to me, explaining why Bukkit is completely blocking off these, even with allow-flight parameter in config enabled?

    Lag issues
    Since the new Recommended Build I am having extreme lag on my remote server. Chunks take very long to load, sometimes not being sent to the client at all. I also have had a lot of issues that would kick me with End of Stream as message (not sure if it was a kick packet though). Now I do live far away from the host (which is in USA, while I am in Spain). I usually have 300-1000ms ping and am fine with it. This isn't an issue for me. I'm used to lag and my internet is not the best either. However I have never seen such a big amount of lag. Everyone on the server is complaining. I have tried to set up a clean server, but it just is so laggy I can't do anything. It takes too long for chunks to load. This isn't a very big issue, however whenever I teleport I must wait around one whole minute (that's right, 60 seconds) to get some of the chunks loaded so that I can stand on something. If I have not been disconnected by the server with an end of stream first... Due to this problem I have been forced to downgrade my server to CraftBukkit 1.2.5-R5.0.
    Any thoughts or reply I could get on this?

    Other issues
    I've never had too many big issues, and when I did the Bukkit community noticed it quickly and you guys fixed it in the next day. I am aware you have been working like crazy to make a recommended build and thank you for it. However recently the Showcase plugin which has worked since a while now BROKE due to a glitch in Bukkit. I have been waiting for a while and hope to get noticed. Last time I posted a ticked I got noticed almost immediately and my issue has been ignored (which could be understandable because it was a backwards compatibility issue). This issue has been very annoying and hope it gets fixed, though I'm not going to go begging for it to be noticed. I can wait, but with everything else that has been happening lately I'm just too tired to think anymore. Anyway here's a link, if you decide to ignore it I hope that it will at least get processed in the order it was meant to.

    I have tried to refrain from posting before but right now there are just too many issues that Bukkit has decided to ignore or simply not fix, and I can't stand it anymore. I hope my post gets noticed and hope I get at least an explanation on why this or that has been decided.

    Once again, great work on the Bukkit project! This is the first time I'm experiencing so many problems at once, hopefuly it doesn't happen again!

    Thanks in advance! :)
    - lemon42, desperate server administrator and plugin developer
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    Thanks! :)

    And I know it's quite late... but congratulations on your shiny red name. :3
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    Thanks a ton bukkit staff! i am just having one problem. I replaced the 1.2.5 Craftbukkit.jar , with the new one, and i can run it with no errors. But whenever me or my friends try to join, it doesnt allow us. If you could help me out that would be great. Thank you so much for your time.
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    Flying mods:

    In the server properties file, is enable flight set to true?

    If so then I could see it as a problem.
    If it's set to false then the server owner doesnt want people flying ( outside of creative mode ) which tells me bukkit is working as intended.
    They shouldn't fix it to allow hackers to fly around your server if you don't want that.

    Lag issues:
    I don't think this is a bukkit problem.
    During period of time between the 1.3 release from Mojang and the RB release from Bukkit, I was running a plain vanilla server with the newest server.exe directly from Mojang.
    I had constant lag complaints from my player base.

    I lowered the view distance to 9 which seems to help considerably.

    I have a feeling that Mojang is probabaly looking into the issue and will release an update to address it.

    Plugin breakage:
    It's up to the plugin developer to keep up with bukkit changes.
    Contact the person / people responsible for writing the plugin and ask them when they will release a version that works with the new Bukkit.

    You and your friends updated your client right?

    Of so, do you see any connection attempts in the server console?

    If the console shows no activity then more than likely youll need to check the firewall settings on the server to make sure its even reachable.

    If you see connection attempts then see if there are any error messages that will help you zero in on the problem.

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    nice work bukkit team!

    the new build is running fine with no lagg (because i dont run it off a crappy laptop like some people....)
    BUT there is the issue of flymods not working. i know that your already probably aware of it, but why do you mark all the issue threads as "wont fix"?

    is it an issue with the new minecraft coding? ive heard mixed reportd of this issue happening with vanilla and i'd like to know if its something you guys can fix. i have "allow-fly: true" in the properties file. i have OP enabled so i dont think its a permission issue.

    oh and heres a temprary sort-of fix. use magic carpet while flying. its not great but its better than nothing.
    again great work bukkit team. plz get back to me asap
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    Read carefuly:
    This is MY server! I know what is enabled and what is not.

    Our view-distance parameter is at 8 already and we do not want to lower it even further. Problem is it lags even with only one person on the server.

    In this case it is Bukkit's fault, because Bukkit's event that the plugin uses is halfly broken and sends incorrect parameters, in such a way that almost any plugin using this event might aswell be broken. Read my ticket for details. The developper is no longer active but this release should not have broken the plugin as it is fully compatible, and code is fully up to date. There is no way to fix this plugin without altering the way it works, which would be stupid because it's a simple fix on Bukkit's end. The problem is with Bukkit, of which's events are broken.
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    Are you sure that plugin isn't using deprecated events?
    On another note, beta build for lag fix maybe?
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    Our server decided to start a new map for 1.3.1, and we've also greatly reduced the amount of plugins running. The result was the random TPS drops went away, and we haven't seen lag yet.

    I'm hearing that one of the suspected culprits for lag is Dynmap, perhaps try removing it from your server and see if it helps at all.
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    hi guys ,,
    anyone uses the newer builds ?
    well i am wondering if the new builds fixed the laag problem ,,

    Thank you bukkit team for the hard work <3 bukkiT team
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    Yes I am sure, do you think I'm stupid? I've looked through the code and everything is up to date, all code was working before the update too. However, EvilSeph has replied to my ticket, seems it's the client not sending the same values as it used to.

    Not helping at all. TPS is at 20 almost all the time... but there is some huge lag. It's not network wise as it also seems to happen locally... even on a wired network. It's not our machine either as it was running fine till we updated. The machine is brand new so I doubt it is. Help appreciated :)
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    Thank You Bukkit Gods aka The Bukkit team don't listen to those ungrateful ingrates that complain about updates being slow they also said "Its so slow". I agree with other people who say to the ingrates "If its to slow, go build your own server hosting program without no flaws perfect in every way with plugin's, mods, etc" & who respect you awesome people who give up their time to build this infinitely Awesome !! server host program thing (I don't know what to call it) <LOL My friends on my server going crazy so I decided to use the latest dev build B4 this one (#2316 1.3.1). In my opinion dev builds are for the most part safe to use no probs. Love You Guys Yur Awesome keep doing what yur doin
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    This isnt working.
    After updating all my plugins to work with 1.3.1 and updating the server to 1.3.1 my world does not load correctly anymore.

    Just a little bit around me loads up. everything else is just 1 massive world hole.
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    Tested this out a little, and this build is slightly buggy. Some of my custom coded plugins are broken, and I made sure they worked with this build of Bukkit. Some other servers are having the same problems. Any idea on how to fix this, evilseph?
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    So, what's new with this build? I saw nothing listed. Does that mean really nothing was added? Or is the list on hold or something?
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    That's just the "lag problem" everyone's been having.
    On topic: Thank you Bukkit team! Take your time, no need to work so hard for those unappreciative people.
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    The ticks are dropping as the amount of chunks are being loaded for me, sitting at 10582 loaded with 53 online (199 chunks per player!), double the amount of the 1.2.5 build. Anyone know how to manually unload chunks, or force chunks to be unloaded from a certain range of a player?

    Maybe even force unloading when a player is idle?

    For those who run this on a high-player production server, I would recommend scheduling regular restarts (warning players in advance of course). I have mine set to restart on the hour so players know when it's happening.
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    wonderful job
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    Awesome job guys!
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    people been having problems with lag and i have too but i found out it isnt bukkit :p its familjewls antixray acting weird so if your having problems and want to fix it get new antixray or something else
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    When I try to run my server on 1.3.1 Recommended Build right. After several minutes I keeping getting "End of Stream" and kicks people out of my server. It's kinda irritating me. I don't know whats the problem. If you could help reply back.
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    WE wasn't made by Bukkit -.-'

    It's Bukkit as well, I do not use any plugins (testing only), and it still lags.

    Check the console for errors & try and remove all plugins.

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    Dude coding is not easy let me see you coding shut the hell up and let theam work' they are doing a great job my server is becoming less laggy that each updates that come out its not easy to make this stuff' let me see you do this coding and crap' you ungreatful lil brat who get pissed off and wine if somthing dont go your way and seph keep the good work up and somone name seph pop in and out of my server lol cracked btw :) lol'

    oh and can anyone tell me whats this new snoop thing do or what is it lol

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