CraftBukkit 1.2.5-R1.3 is now available!

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, Apr 30, 2012.

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    The size of the map doesn't directly matter because only chunks around players are actually loaded (so the only cost is disk space) but the larger the map the less likely players are going to be in places where their loaded chunks overlap so more chunks will be loaded in general. Whew, long sentence.
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    In case anyone is interested, I started a thread, prior to this beta build, regarding my server's performance and a potential memory leak. I've now began using the Beta and my memory leak is gone, but, ironically, my CPU usage is through the roof (it wasn't before). Perhaps that's due to some interplay between memory/leaked memory/and CPU usage, but here's my thread, regardless.
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    wonderfully usefull comment! If you expect anything to happen, post the danm code :p

    (remember to use the code tags)
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    Multicore, please?
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    This is not the thread to be discussing plugin issues, correlating plugin problems, or any of the like. This is also not a thread for reporting CPU usage increases, memory leaks or otherwise. We have help forums to use to track down plugin issues, and a bug tracker that anyone can use to report memory leaks or CPU increases. Of course, any bugs reported to the bug tracker should have as much information added as possible, and the steps you took to research CPU increases, or Memory leaks. This should be proven on CraftBukkit without plugins, and it really helps a lot if you can track down which build changes these metrics for you. Aka - if you see CPU usage increases, then test without plugins and compare the findings against the other CraftBukkit builds until you find the build that makes your CPU usage increase.

    Any posts of the kind will be removed.
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    you're kidding, right ?
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    This is an announcement for a new build, not a help thread or a bug tracker. Why would I be kidding about ensuring people are going to the correct forums for help, or using a bug tracker to report verified bugs?
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    Where did my post go?
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    It was a support request, so it got removed. You can try posting in the Bukkit Help forums.
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    I think the reason he thought you were kidding is that you just silenced reports that would not have gone into the bug tracker anyways. A majority of users complaining about problems in this forum aren't going to a) find the right forum to report it in, b) write a detailed bug report, or c) do due diligence in determining if the bug has already been reported before bothering to report it, etc.

    Reading these forum threads after a release or beta gives us the pulse of the general populace that would not go through those hoops to let you know about bug details. I'm predicting your reaction to my previous sentence will be, "Who cares they don't deserve to report it then if they can't be bothered to follow procedure!" However, I'd like to point out that being able to see bulk feedback from users is helpful in smelling out a flaw before it hits everyone on release day.

    The CPU issue from the previous release is one such example, it was first reported by a myriad of users directly in the release forum for the last RB. And, as a result it received attention from the bukkit team that has helped to make this beta possible. And, some of the population did bother to go through the correct procedures as a result to file bug reports, fill up forums dedicated to it, etc.

    What I'm saying is that this thread, and threads like it should be treated as a free form of general feedback and you should not at any time try to dissuade users from reporting problems here. Censoring their feedback is just going to make them angry and it doesn't make the problem go away, it just means that whatever problems they would have reported will go unnoticed until release day.

    If you truly do not appreciate feedback in these threads, you can turn off comments for RB and Beta announcements. Then proceed to stick your heads in the sand and squawk like an ostrich.
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    What got the attention was the time put into tracking down the bug, not where it landed. I just about removed it as a support request due to where it was posted. However, it only got traction once it got to leaky where it could be analysed. Also, the leaky ticket had more information than this thread did. The exact same thing happens when people use the Bukkit Help forum, except the posts don't get removed as they are in the correct section.

    The reason the CPU issue got looked at is cause I brought up the bug report you posted in the forums with the developers, not because you posted here. Had you posted the bug in leaky, it would have gotten looked at sooner by the correct people the first time. You slowed down resolution of the problem because you posted here, I just made sure it didn't get lost completely. Had I left the hundreds of support requests in that thread as they were, without removing them, your post would have gotten lost in all the noise, and we could still be faced with the same CPU issues.

    I'm not silencing anything, or anyone. I'm suggesting using the help forum for help requests, and the bug tracker for tracking bugs. You wouldn't go to a grocery store for soccer equipment, you'd go to a sporting equipment store. Sure, the grocery store may say "Hey, soccer equipment is across the street, check it out." but that doens't mean the grocery store got you the soccer equipment you needed. At what point do you stop going back to the grocery store and just go directly to sporting goods when you need sporting goods? No matter how helpful the grocery store is, its still the wrong place to go. Getting upset at the grocery store manager isn't going to change that.

    You can always provide general feedback in these threads. However, if you wish to get problems looked at, there are forums for that. If you wish to report a bug, there is a bug tracker for that. In the meantime, I'll keep these threads clean of support requests.
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    I'm not sure I agree that I slowed down the process. I could have also taken one look at the bureaucracy, turned around, walked away and left it at that. Useful information about the problem would have been lost at that point. My only point in all of this is that there are people who would be posting here that have now decided not to post at all (e.g. not even bother to go find the right forums or bug reporting system). And, one of them could have had a vital piece of information. A moderator writing a post like that can have a chilling effect. Anyways, I'll leave it be. Just thought it was worth mentioning.
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    But somebody here posted that I post my plugins, Did he not? Smart move. Anyways, I take back my comment. beta build has FIXED THE CPU USAGE! It's amazing! Thanks Bukkit
    Edit: For both of my servers!
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    LoL idk what system you guys use but I dont have any CPU or RAM problem with this beta build and also I had no problems since bukkit fixed CPU usage with that amazing bugtraker(or something x.X). So dont complain about lag and get better computer/servers and check your plugins and sql databases? :I
    like @Amaranth said... Minecraft needs insane much hardware resources to run smooth.

    Thx to the bukkit team for this amazing update (again) :)
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    how do you install it, or use it.
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    Thats why i think TnT is kidding.

    For example :
    I made an announcement on my website about "new server patch". There are still some bugs left in that patch release. And i open the thread for replies.

    I'm pretty damn sure that there will be people who posted the bugs that are still left on that thread, if i am just censoring them, or deleting their post with the reason "this is not a support forum" i will consider myself as immature or stupid.

    In My Opinion, if you don't want people to post here about bugs, just LOCK the thread, then on the news, write on a BIG LETTER, "Post any bugs in so the developers can look at it".
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    Tried without plugins, and this Beta Build had 20% lower CPU than the lower builds.
    At least they're attempting to fix it, and Im loving having lower CPU.
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    pistons don`t push the player fully
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    Read the title of this thread. It reads "CraftBukkit 1.2.5-R1.3 is now available!". Now, just above it, read the tabs that say "Home, Forums, Rules, Bugs, Docs" etc. You want me to believe that this is not clear enough? All the information is easily available to anyone who looks.

    I respect your opinion, however, I disagree. In my opinion, people should use bug trackers to report bugs, and help forums for help requests. Using the proper tools for the job is the best way to get the job done correctly.

    I don't feel I am in danger of removing valid reports, as anyone who has taken the time to collect the data required for a bug report has likely read these forums and realized that a bug tracker is the best place to report bugs.
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    Actually the only useful information provided there was that you seemed to know what you were talking about and had a pretty graph. The number of complaints and the users actually tracking down the increase to a specific build was what really got things moving.

    In any case, assume things posted in the forums will be forgotten if not fixed shortly after you post about them. It's too hard to keep trying to skim through all the posts finding bug reports. That's why we have a bug tracker.

    This particular case was the exception that proves the rule. We may have gotten information on the problem from the forums about the problem but for the most part we follow bug reports closely in the days after a release to look for new important issues.
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    I'll just keep it to myself next time.
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    How can I host this free?:'(
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    I using 1.2.4 Build With Edited Sources For Better Perfomace
    But I found some Bugs...
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    Thanks for the new update!
  25. When Minecraft 1.3 is out, will we be able to use Bukkit for the local server in order to use single player plugins?
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    when i downloaded this, my antivirus said 'virus deleted'

    this didnt happen with other builds of bukkit?
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    Cydia FTW :)
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    Update your virus scanner and make sure you are only downloading builds from
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    :) This works much better, thanx. 1.2 was bad, but this is better.
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    The grocery store thing is an interesting analogy, yet not really applicable here. At the grocery store you aren't in contact directly with the person who might sell sports equipment... this is not the case here. Same people read both threads.

    By removing posts in this thread you are more like the guy in the dairy department who refuses to help you find the veggies because it's not his department, and then ignores you are even standing there. HE STILL REPRESENTS THE SAME STORE. It's acceptable for him to say "go talk to that guy over there"... but not to say "this is the dairy section, get lost and ask in the right place next time".
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