CraftBook - 26 Feb: AVAILABLE

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by sk89q, Jan 28, 2011.

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    ooo its saturday, cant wait for this plugin muahahaaha [​IMG]
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    It's friday. =P
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    I cant fricken wait until this is out :D it was almost released like last week but then minecraft updated :(
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    Moo Master

    Lets just hope its not saturday of next year...
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    thanks buddy thats all i wanted to know!!!:)
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    Will it work with Controller block and Minecart Mania?
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    We are still on track so far, at least for a prelimary release.
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    Great job! :)
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    can craftbukkit do same/similar things like "ControllerBlock" Plugin, whats difference? i need this controllerblock mechanics for traps and im happy if I can use Craftbook instead of ControllerBlock.
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    As far as I know, CraftBook did everything ControllerBlock did and more, and also predates all bridge/area toggle mods.

    But I don't know if that will be in the first release. However, second release may be just a week later though.
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    Thanks sk89q :D
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    It looks like you have a hundred and one plugins :confused:. It's really awsome you have the time to do this one =D
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    We're currently running a very basic test version on my server. There's only gates + books, but it seems fine. Most of the work in actual porting will be done tomorrow. Today was mostly a lot of planning and design work.

    Someone used gates to harvest sugar canes/reeds:
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    Great news! Today has been an awesome day! Can't wait to have CraftBook again! I NEED MY FIX, SK. [​IMG]

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    Thank you so much for your work sk! What would I do yithout you =)
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    It will be today ? !![​IMG]
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    Yay i love this can kill a toon of plugins do this stuff
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    I already have SignRead more and Controller block but i still like the IC's :)
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    Um, is it just me or is the roadmap offline?
    Can you fix it if it is offline? Is it maintenance, or loads of users?

    EDIT: Oh, I see. There's probably too many people looking at the page that it effectively DDOS'd.

    And actually, at whoever said the roadmap hasn't changed a bit this week, it has. Since yesterday, #107, #108, #165, #166, #168, #169 and #170 have been closed.
    Besides, the reason it took so long to 'port' those things is probably that they had to be thoroughly tested before they could actually say they've ported them.
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    Sondre Berntsen

    I have a confession...

    I've never used Craftbook before :(
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    Nor me, Sondre, I know how it feels.
    I'm completely oblivious to what everybody thinks is so great.
    But since everyone thinks it is, I'm gonna get it when it's out, and see what everyone was on about.
    If it's great, I'll be part of the 'everyone' =P
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    I hope you get it done today :D
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    I hope too!
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    Thank you so much for your hard work. I am really looking forward to redstone pumpkins and gate working again.
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    Seems like no CB today [​IMG]
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    It is only 2:09 were sk89q lives. It could still come out today

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    Can you give a exact date of its release please
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