CraftBook - 26 Feb: AVAILABLE

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by sk89q, Jan 28, 2011.

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    Got me all excited sk89q! I definitely can't wait for the new updates and ugh can't wait for Craftbook! I been checking this thread every morning. lol
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    You're going to make a lot of people on my server very happy since we all fell in love with hMod Craftbook. With portcullises and elevators being integral design elements Craftbook has been sorely missed. Thanks for the plugin!
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    Looking to be VERY likely that CraftBook will be ready this week.
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    I... I think I love you...
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    YAY great work sk89q!
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    I'm not sure how to install it. Do I drag CraftBook.jar into the plugin directory, and the other files in the main directory? Or do I put all the other files in its own CraftBook folder in the plugin directory? Sorry if this is a "noob" question, this is just new to me.

    You know, I'm an idiot. Should have read the README.txt file. *facepalm
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    I'm a gullible idiot. Thanks for screwing with me! I'll go crawl in a hole now. I can't believe I took the bait....
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    I get following errors (image)
    Can someone help?
    And thanks for porting one of the important plugin ever:D

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    David K

    That link is confusing, it is still the hmod version that you downloaded, THERE IS NO PRERELEASE and CraftBook is most likely gonna be RELEASED THIS WEEK, so just wait.
    or am I wrong? :confused:
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    +1 for awesomeness. I will test as soon as we get 1.3 bukket up
  13. There certainly is no precompiled prerelease but the source code has been changed recently

    on another topic does anyone know why the worldeedit source code give loads of compile errors for the most recent release(or is it not ready)?
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    I are aiming for CraftBook to be available by the end of this Saturday with at least the bulk of the mechanisms (bridges, gates, etc.), integrated circuits, and minecart additions finished. Progress will be made more likely towards the end of the week, but there may be some progress during the week. I know a lot of you had not switched to Bukkit because of CraftBook, so I am now hoping to get everything ready for you within this week.

    You can track progress here:

    Want to become a developer for CraftBook and help out? Speed things up! Build cool ICs! Work with some cool people! Send me a PM.
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    Great news sk!
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    thanks for keeping us up to date man :D
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    PM'd regarding need for developers.
  18. You do God's work.
  19. I would jizz in my pants if this got released this week :D
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    I'm out of words.. (hopefully 1.3 Won't fuck things up)
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    Whoo, we had a developer meeting last night. If anyone is interested in participating in any of these, drop me a message and I'll see if we can accomodate, though be aware that they are quite technical usually.
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    Can we see the minutes?
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    I've been keeping an eye on the roadmap, only one thing has been crossed off. Have you just been too busy to update the map? I can understand if you have been. Been there myself.
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    I don't have minutes, but I was going to write some documentations detailing our discussions.

    And the roadmap is not telling. Most of the work (like 99%) is going to get done tomorrow.
  25. wow :)

    cant wait

    have some [cake]
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    I am so lost with putting the files in the corref=ct place so can someone please tell me where each goes??? I'M SO CONFUSED!! :|
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    The files you are attempting to install are hMod files. They will not work using Bukkit. The person that posted that link is either a troll or is confused himself.

    sk89q said that CraftBook will be released by Saturday (or around then). Be patient.
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    Please let it be up by tomorrow! :D
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    Is it already "tomorrow"? :) /me waits for the plugin :)
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    Nope :p tomorrow, saturday :D
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