CraftBook - 26 Feb: AVAILABLE

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by sk89q, Jan 28, 2011.

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    Is there no way to get a Pre-release?
  2. Grab the source code and compile it yourself....
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    Doesn't work.
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    If it worked, what would be the problem? Hello...
    Just wait.
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    how do I test
    I do not know compile
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    any updates????
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    If there is, then he'll post it.
    So as you can see: Just wait.
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    Peter Veldman

    Hey sk89q,

    I was wondering if craftbook is ur first priority (at plugins i mean, not other things) i am asking cause i am checking this forum like twice a day and can set my mind at peace if i know its gonna take another couple of weeks :)

    And ofc MANY thanks for taking the time to give us all such a great plugin!!
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    So, he said this week.. Who thinks it'll actually come out tomorrow like promised?
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    Not Promised, just likely.
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    If he dose he dose, if he dosnt he dosnt, I mean seems to be alot of hard work for them, they are doing it for free....
    I say kick back and exercise patience and have some cake [​IMG]
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    So not these week a suppose :/
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    Sondre Berntsen

    Meh, we've all survived without the plugin 'till now, I guess we could survive a few more weeks.

    Don't ya think?
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    Will this version have persistent wireless redstone? I remember in the hey0 version, wireless redstone was screwed each time you restarted the server
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    projects been canceled can all quit look here now

    ok joking..maybe
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    Any news, ETA? Likely tomorrow but getting desperate.
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    tbh im fed up now cause you keep saying oh this week 2 weeks later still not out then you say ok maybe this week and now a week later still not out! :( you gotta get this out
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    @bevso yea he needs to drop every thing he is doing so you can get what you want when you want it, I mean how dare he have a life that doesn't revolve around you the nerve of him!!! /sarcasm
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    Worth the wait, please don't hate the creator for taking the time to do it right!
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    Remember how with SMP and Minecraft, Notch is always pressured to get whatever update out by whatever date, and he does. Then it's filled with bugs and everyone's pissed off. Remember that? You should.

    Now think, do you really want CraftBook to come out early/quickly and be loaded with bugs from the port or would you rather he take a few extra days to remove the bugs? You tell me.
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    If he releases now
    mayby it will be buggy but so what?
    atleast we have a plugin
    and after "5 days" they will be fixed
    Something is better then Nothing
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    when notch releases an update it is forced, at least if the bugs are too much in craftbook, you can unload it and wait.
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    Latest news (Feb 20, 2011):
    • I can't say that I will have CraftBook ready by this weekend. It's still possible as of writing, but I'm not going to promise it.
    • I have to get WorldGuard 4.x out in some capacity first, and so it depends on how long that takes.
    • If you want to help get things done quicker, then you could volunteer as a contributor to either WorldEdit or WorldGuard, because I alone cannot work on three (big) plugins and reasonably expect to release things on time. WorldGuard probably takes 50% of my time too. You can even ask to become a tester (for WorldGuard), as that alone takes a lot of time. I have a very meticulous test procedure though, so ask me.
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    I knew that you would say: Next Week
    And you will probably say it again.
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    Except he didn't say that...

    "I can't say that I will have CraftBook ready by this weekend. It's still possible as of writing, but I'm not going to promise it. "-sk89q

    But yes. It probably won't happen this weekend.
  26. where is it possible to apply for testers. should i PM?
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    Ill happy test worldguard for you. Im sure i can get another to help me out. So give info and ill go nuts
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    Thanks for working so hard sk89! :)
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    Good news:

    I got some people to help with WorldGuard (and I appreciate it a lot) and WorldEdit is in a somewhat working state, leaving the doors open for me to get Craftbook finished now.
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