CraftBook - 26 Feb: AVAILABLE

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by sk89q, Jan 28, 2011.

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    I hope by this plugin, but want to perfect as it was in hmod servers.
    wait so do not want something done faster with defects xD
    work calmly take your time but do it is perfect

    I can not write English, the text was translated with google translator
    srry for errors
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    What a long.... Wait time....

    But it IS worth it!
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    Tom Savage

    Just wanted to let you know, CraftBook has been one of the core plugins on my server since I found it. Everyone misses it so much. So thank you for making an amazing plugin, and thank you for working so hard to port it over.

    Whaaaaaat? You haven't used CraftBook?!?! Seriously, best plugin ever. Adds such amazing mechanics to the game.
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    Can't wait to try Perlstone on my server :)
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    can we get a update please?
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    Latest news (Feb 14, 2011):
    I should stop giving dates, but I will anyway! This week!
    Why I wasn't able to do much the previous two weeks: Busy with life + school
    Why I wasn't able to do much this previous weekend: Had to move my Minecraft server
    Why I may be able to release this week: Not as busy
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    That's not an update considering it's 3 days old and the week is nearly over. I think we're all interested to know if that's still the plan or if there have been further delays.
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    Has it been cancelled? I heard something like it, but I didn't really expect that it would be cancelled :|
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    No no it has not. The news of this week is only 3 days old......
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    maybe we should stop asking for updates and just let Sk89q get the plug-in out.
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    List of things I want that have been delayed, in order of importance:

    Diablo 3
    Duke Nukem 3D

    But seriously, it's worth the wait. CraftBook really makes Minecraft worth playing for me, but if it's not ready, it's not ready. Take your time, and thanks for the great plugin :D
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    :D your online hey pal please release this plugin at least to day or this weekend i am getting toooo excited for it
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    The way it works is that I develop when I find a free time slot in my schedule. That means that during the week I don't develop for Minecraft at all (no free time), meaning that it becomes a situation of all or nothing around the end of the week. That's why the dates I give are not too "accurate" -- if I miss one week, it's all pushed to the next week. (Not to mention I have non-Minecraft stuff that my Minecraft stuff has to compete with.)
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    I'm surprised being such a overly wanted plugin well many of your plugins that other devs not wanted to jump in yet. I see many other projects have 2-3 but everyone runs away from yours :(
  16. I really hope you will get some time to make it done, because it I think it is one of the best and most use full plugins ever. So good luck. [​IMG]
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    dark navi

    Could I get someone to upload a compiled .jar of the newest build?
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    From what? Bukkit? CraftBukkit?
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    dark navi

    A compiled version of the newest build of CraftBook.
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    I believe he would like to try a Beta version, as would a few of us.
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    dark navi

    He has the source out there, doesn't he? I am just in a position where I can't build it, so I was hoping someone else could.
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    Honestly, just wait for the developer to do it.
    First off all, it would be like stealing his work, also you get a fully working plugin and not some crap full of bugs.
    We waited so long for this, why not wait a little while longe and get the real stuff.

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    dark navi

    This would be supporting the plug-in, not stealing. Especially when the developer deliberately posts a link the the source files.
  24. I have tried using the current source code to compile and it doesnt work mainly because THEY HAVN'T FINISHED IT YET ...
    So just hang on and wait another week or two
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    You know the link to github is there so you can put out pull requests and help out with porting it right?
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    dark navi

    Sorry, hadn't had a clue. Last time I checked the thread it said the port was 95% done and was just being tested.
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    The source code he links in his post is just hmod code that he is using to refactor, I believe.
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    think its been like that for a while now
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    Yes! this weekend, THIS weekend...
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    Any updates? =[
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