CraftBook - 26 Feb: AVAILABLE

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by sk89q, Jan 28, 2011.

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    2 hours *
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    its 9am sunday morning
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    Wow some of you guys seem to think your entitled to this plugin. None of us paid for it. I couldn't care less if he waited another week. It's his plugin, he can release it on his own time.
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    Do what you gotta do, sk. We're all excited for CraftBook, but those of us with intelligence realize that 1) you have a life outside of Minecraft (unlike some of us [​IMG]) and 2) shit happens.
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    I'll echo some others... None of us are guaranteed this plugin, he is not our servant or anything. Yes, this plugin is very much awaited, but he doesn't have to do jack shit about it. He's put in a lot of work in *his* free time, and from some of his posts here, he doesn't have much. So you guys demanding it now, or demanding a day, calm the hell down and STFU. :)
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    When does he post the link?
    Iam waiting and waiting!
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    SK, always been a fan of this plugin since I used my first [Lift]. The minecart modifications are also quite beautiful. Looking forward to adding your wonderful CraftBook to my private server. Thanks much! :)
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    Sk89q has been so nice to even tell you that he's shooting for a release today.. and I'm sure every time he does part of him wishes he hadn't. (And all of his bud's facepalm.)

    I would find it very difficult to make progress when everyone was asking the status every 5 seconds... I'm sure his irc channel is flooded with people asking again and again, when there are also other REAL devs there trying to assist and answer questions... to make progress on the project.

    He is just as excited to get it done, as we all are to get it back and running in some form on our systems...

    It sounds like whatever gets released tonight will be a partial release... This is the single most complicated minecraft mod that exists...

    I know whenever I work on anything computer related my mind always pictures it taking less time than it actually does... especially programming.

    Realize he is there banging away on keys trying to make things work... it isn't as if he has it done and is just holding out on everyone. Sk8.... I salute you...
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    RchGrav i think Sk8 have enough ways to Talk with his Devs except IRC. When his IRC is full he'll know that he can simply switch off and has some rest to work. At least Sk89q has a hard Job to do and hope CB comes in the next time but PLEASE SK89Q STOP GIVING RELEASE DATES ^^

    Sorry for my Bad english i can read it but writing in english ist terrible :p
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    Sondre Berntsen

    This thread has really grown lately x)

    But yeah, it'll be done when it's done I guess.
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    Yeah.. I know.. but for me,... I would still be distracted... it wasn't really the point though. The point is the constant distractions from self entitled pests..... I was in irc a couple weeks ago and watched the rush of people coming in and asking... whereas it would have been much more quiet had no one have known about it. Honestly I i'm sure it was very hard not to ask... as people had their hopes up for a release that weekend.... but on the other hand... announcing a date, even if it isn't able to be kept can also be a tool for self motivation.

    nice necronomicon btw.
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    Sondre Berntsen

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    :p Necronomicon is facebook ^^

    SK89q should release CB when its done, it will be a horrobly scenario if some features not working and the community is annoing SK8 again
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    Oooh, time to install and see, finally, how good it is. :D
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    Rejoice in the name of craftbook!
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    could you please give feedback if this plugin works? and with which bukkit builds. any incompatibility with other plugins?
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    David K

    Works nicely with the latest build (as of 1 March) :)
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    I think I found a bug:
    Redstonetorch next to Bridge sign = Rapid bridge flashing???
    Maybe It's because it's over water and the water kinda kills the torch or something, I dunno.
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