CraftBook - 26 Feb: AVAILABLE

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by sk89q, Jan 28, 2011.

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    Triggo. He cant. Hes doing his best to keep the days he sais out. But reallife with sunshine can cause problems.
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    They can't tell when it will be finished. As soon as they can make a compatible plugin that has a decent number of uses, they will.
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    You're an idiot, and should probably have read half the thread.

    29% wooo! Keep up the good work :D
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    craftbook is the only thing i'm waiting on, already change to bukkit, and i miss craftbook SOOOO much!
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    I have read it and i want an exact date Tard
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    And I want a million dollars w/ a new bentley but its just not in the cards.

    If you were a Java dev, maybe you could contribute to the whole situation instead of acting like your entitled to this rather then calling people names and making demands.
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    Do you know how hard it is to make a plugin like CraftBook dude?...If you want a exact date, how about you go try doing it youself? Either be patient and thankful that hes doing it or gtfo and go do it yourself.
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    Yes, because hes going to stop making his mod just to come here and serve you and tell you everything you want to know.
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    Is this still scheduled for release today?
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    Guys DELOPMENT has continued its 31% now :D
    it wasnt changing before ....
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    Yes, but realise he means today as in his time zone. I think it's still 5:35 PM where sk89 lives
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    When it comes out (woo)
    I bet you will be down.
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    No, it's 4:35. He has 7:25 to finish this if he keeps his word. I really can't wait for this plugin to be released, I love it so much! (yes, homo)
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    can't wait either.
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    holy crap, and the most awaited plugin award goes to........
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    Yeap... Agree :D

    My castle needs it's drawbridge
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    Dosnt matter if the mod finishes in 3 seconds, it dosnt look like will be back up anytime soon.
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    I'm learning Java and they keep saying it was to be released on saturday a long time ago so ya
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    I am still aiming for release (of some form) today, BUT

    Remember that I live on the west coast (US), meaning it's only 6:26 PM at the moment.
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    Dont rush it. Must be annoying to make a mod where everybody is demanding this and that in an instant x.x
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    Argh.. timezones... lol. :p
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    Sure, anyway i'm going to sleep ;p (France ; 4.15 am ... time to say goodbye)
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    Moo Master

    that redmine needs to be my homepage...
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    9:53 Here. Anxiously Awaiting
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    same here, russia 7:51 just waked up.
    21 years old kid is WAITING, lol.
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    Damnit! Just lost a bet... I said it would be out by now and my girlfriend said it wouldnt... Had to finish my hard cider. Still rooting for the on-time release, though! 2 and a half more hours!
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    no! not the hard cider!
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    You have three hours left sk. (Not saying you have to release it, it is your choice.)
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