CraftBook - 26 Feb: AVAILABLE

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by sk89q, Jan 28, 2011.

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    Latest news (Feb 26, 2011):

    We've made a first release!

    CraftBook is being ported!

    Source code (for the port) is found here:
    (It may or may not be completely up to date.)

    Also, perhaps MIDI playing ICs?


    CraftBook's a SMP plugin that adds:
    • Integrated circuits
    • Programmable logic chips
    • Redstone toggleable areas
    • Redstone bridges and doors
    • Bunch of other redstone stuff
    • Minecart boosters, sorters, and other control blocks
    • Minecart behavior modification
    Some mods that came after CraftBook have some similar features (BridgeMod, ControllerBlock, etc.).
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    This is the best news I've heard all day! Thx
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    Yay! Could I request a new IC = A delay IC. You can set how long the delay before the redstone change goes though.
    Something like this:
    import com.sk89q.craftbook.mech.ic.BaseIC;
    import com.sk89q.craftbook.mech.ic.ChipState;
    import com.sk89q.craftbook.util.SignText;
    import com.sk89q.craftbook.util.Vector;
     * Delay IC
     * @author sk89q
    public class MC1450 extends BaseIC {
         * Get the title of the IC.
         * @return
        public String getTitle() {
            return "DELAYER";
         * Validates the IC's environment. The position of the sign is given.
         * Return a string in order to state an error message and deny
         * creation, otherwise return null to allow.
         * @param sign
         * @return
        public String validateEnvironment(Vector pos, SignText sign) {
            String id = sign.getLine3();
            if (id.length() == 0) {
                return "Specify a delay time (in milliseconds) on the third line.";
            return null;
         * Think.
         * @param chip
        public void think(ChipState chip) {
            String id = chip.getText().getLine3();
            if (!id.isEmpty()) {
                        try {
                        Thread.sleep (id);
                     } catch (InterruptedException e) {}
            } else {
  5. WooT!!!! can't wait:D

    EDIT: will it have all the features right off the bat, or will it start with only minecart for example, then gates, so on... thanks so much!
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    Cant wait for it :)
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    You Sir, Are my Hero!
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    Jonathan Bloom

    Will it have elevators?
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    Epic, only reason I haven't been able to switch to Bukkit!
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    Woohoo! Can't wait! xD
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    Can't say yet. We're trying to get most of it working.

    Yes, for sure.
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    YAY! Can't wait for the release to finally be here... this is the only missing link with bukkit.
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    This is great!
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    Oh man, thanks for working so hard on porting this over. WorldEdit, WorldGuard and CraftBook are the 3 main staples of my server and I've been missing CraftBook soooo much. You are a hero, a gentlemen and a scholar. Just wanted to let ya know how much people appreciate your dedication :).
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    I can't tell you how excited I am about the upcoming release of craftbook. I know you have been super busy with all the rest you've got going, thanks for the hard work! Craftbook is the last "must have" for my server, I'm really jazzed about it :)

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    Can't wait for the release, my users will finally stop bugging me! lol.
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    gate/ligt/elevator = most important :p

    also im so excited im not going to use the restroom until its done.
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    I'm very much looking forwards to this! *excited*
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    this +1
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    I'm afraid that you may have a burst bladder :p
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    I just want an estimated date so I can stop the suspense :p
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    Maybe within the week. We'll see.
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    i cant waitttt :D!

    And my users wont stop bugging me about ittttt >.>
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    Can't wait ^^
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    OMG my favorite plugin besides world edit!!!!! YAY! You are the best sk89q!!!
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    Yeah wonderful plugin. Going to be using Elevator and Minecarts! I really hope the through and through for minecarts work the passing through objects and players and such!
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    Oh HELL YES! you got me inching fwd out of my seat now!
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    This is the only reason why I haven't changed to Bukkit yet :p
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    YES! <3 I love my craftbok! thank you sooo much
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    Really cannot wait for this. It is the best plugin ever!
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