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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by kang_08, Jan 29, 2015.

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    Plugin category: Miscellaneous

    Suggested name: Coupon giveaway

    What I want: It's different from other coupon plugins that will reward players when they redeem the coupon. What i want is when the player execute /coupon, they will given a coupon but not for in-game usage. When they got the coupon code, they can redeem it at my server shop to have discount. So this is what i need.

    Features included:
    • one-time usage (they will not receive the same coupon as another player already used it)
    • custom coupon (i can list the coupon code myself as it's not auto generated)

    Ideas for commands: /coupon - Get a random coupon

    Ideas for permissions: coupon.use - access to /coupon command.

    When I'd like it by: Saturday.
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    @kang_08 what would the coupon code look like? What length?
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    A random code, about 6-8 :D
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    Looks like you need a custom plugin!
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    So you want it to generate a random code?
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    nope, but i will write the coupon codes myself. so what i want is, the coupon codes i wrote will be randomly give out to player, but every single code only give out to one player.
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    So. You want to put codes in a config, and when a player receives the code, remove it from the config?
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    What he is asking for is a way he can define coupon codes which can be acquired through the use of /coupon command. He can set the coupon codes by writing them into the config and when they have been redeemed, they are moved to another <List> so he can see which have been used. This isn't a hard plugin, I just don't have the time right now.

    Although it is simple, I don't see the reasoning behind it. You would never sell a Donator rank for full price because everyone can just get a free discount using '/coupon'. It would make more sense if your players could win these codes via a Raffle or winning a Minigame etc.
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    My reason for this is when my players invited 5 players, they can execute /coupon to get the coupon code and redeem it at the shop. Sorry for that i didn't mention about this, i thought it was not so important tho.
    If anyone is willing to make a Referral plugin with this will be very helpful for me. Thank you :)
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    How would it check for refer? The new player can use /invitedby <name>? Sorry, but probably I won't make it just asks :p
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    Something like this, it's okay. :)
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