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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by cammerplayz, Apr 5, 2019.

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  1. Plugin Category: Time

    Minecraft Version: 1.13.2

    Plugin Name: CTimer

    What I would like: a countdown clock that can be chosen to be displayed in action bar, Hotbar, bossbar. Has a message and a endless limit to countdown e.g. 60 -> 0 seconds

    - /CTimer start <name> <Hotbar/Actionbar/bossbar etc> <Seconds> <Message (more than 1word+)>
    - /CTimer end <name>
    - /CTimer reload
    - /CTimer pause <name>
    - /CTimer resume <name>
    - /CTimer loop <name>

    - timer.all
    - timer.start
    - timer.end
    - timer.pause
    - timer.reload
    - timer.loop
    - timer.resume

    timer.all is for all permissions/access to commands.
    The others are easy to understand

    When I would like it: 4 Days time

    Hope everything is fine :) -Camerode
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    @cammerplayz You didn't say what minecraft version you would like the plugin to be made for.
  3. Sorry I will edit the main post

    (Has Been Edited)
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    @cammerplayz Another question. (Sorry, should've asked this with my other question but forgot at the time)
    I understand you wanting it displayed in the action bar and boss bar but what do you mean hotbar? The hotbar is just the players first 9 inventory slots, you can't display a message there.
  5. Sorry instead of Hotbar I meant the Title so it is across the screen :) , and also I said that you can select where the countdown will be "- /CTimer start <name> <Hotbar/Actionbar/bossbar etc> <Seconds> ..."
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    @cammerplayz What happens when the seconds go down to 0? Also what do you mean "endless limit to countdown"?
  7. Sorry for not explaining this in the original thread, when it goes down to 0 it should come up with a message (configurable) depending where timer was decided to be put (Hotbar,Actionbar,Bossbar). And finally by "endless limit to countdown" I meant that you can put any number of seconds that you want so it has no limit to how long the countdown has to be :)
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