Could you put being staff on your CV/Resume?

Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by MysteryManX, Apr 10, 2014.

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    The question just popped into my mind. Might sound silly, but could anyone that has worked on the site being staff put that down on their CV/Resume? Just out of interest.
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    Probably could. If I were to apply for some job that concerns ICT, I might put it on my CV.
    "Admin of community of hundreds of thousands of people" sounds pretty good, doesn't it ;)
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    People have put experience as Raid Leader in World of Warcraft on their CV when applying for a manager position, so by all means go for it (provided it is relevant experience).
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  4. I would put it in. Minecraft/bukkit plays a big role in the gaming-world so it's definately relevant information.
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    I'm hiding my plugin-developer experience :) It could be negative factor for my resume.
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    I debated putting it on my resume, but decided not to..

    My thoughts were: 'What would they think? Will it look legitimate? Will it be constantly questioned? What do I do (actually can be difficult to explain)'
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    I don't think that would help if the job isn't related to the things you do here.

    I've applied for many jobs, local and national. Putting something like Bukkit Staff 2013-2014...I wouldn't be one to do so unless it was some sort of customer service/sales/retail application.
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    If it was any relevant to my job position I was going to apply for, then why not, make your look CV stronger.
    Those are probably some of the skills you would hold;
    • Working as part of a team
    • Self Motivated
    • Volunteering
    • Management (of users)
    • + few more.
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    Hey yeah no that's a good idea.

    And if they bring it up in an interview you can briefly describe your experiences as staff to the interviewer.
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    I think I would put it down as "helped administrate large open source project and community, including the reviewing of source code" or similar. Just a little something that shows I have experience maybe. :)
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    How could it be negative? Developing is great experience for many things, as well as managing large communities.
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    My job is not related with software development, IT, etc. Therefore, this line in my resume is unnecessary and will cause unnecessary questions: why a person applying for managerial positions in the banking business indicates his software developing experiense?
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    It shows that you're open to a broad range of activities.. I don't see how that's a bad thing.
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    Again, if it's a form of managing anything, staff here is managing a large community. Developing also shows a great potential to learn new things, shows you can participate in a wide range of activities requiring specific knowledge, etc etc.
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    I was just actually thinking about this as I have recently become staff. I do think it would be a good idea to put down...
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    As far as I see the problem is explaining what exactly do you do to the one who inspects the resumes.
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    It may improve your position as long as people know what minecraft is (you'd be surprised how much some people hate or have no clue what you are talking about).
  19. xTrollxDudex
    Try asking the average high school kid what Minecraft is :p The faces they make when you ask that question are hilarious :)
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    The Gaming Grunts
    "Wait you play MINECRAFT!???" "Wtf is minecraft" "Lolwut"
    Indeed, VERY hilarious
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    Someone make an OC comic with the interviewer saying "YOU PLAY MINECRAFT?" and spontaneously hiring him.
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    *Applies for McDonalds*

    - I've made plugins for a mod of a minecraft server which do cool stuff like make pigs explode
    - also I've eaten raw pork
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