Corruption or somthing simalar.

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    I was wondering if there is a mod, or if someone is willing to make a mod like corruption.

    Like being, you have to periodicly move to not get swallowed by it.
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    A fat person?
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    I ment move your houses.
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    I don't recommend plugins like that...

    1. Exponential block changes
    2. Server lag
    3. Pisses people off
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    Im aware of the downfalls.
  7. I'll make it but I am currently on holidays and will not be able to upload the jar file for 5 or something days but the plugin should be done by then
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    Thanks! I really really appreteate it
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    You mean like Terraria?
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    Also add something similar to Purification Powder, I'm thinking it would be Sugar, and also add a Sunflower, which would be Yellow Flower.
    Purification Powder - Purifies a region of [ configurable ] blocks to normal world (no longer corrupted). (Object is thrown)
    Sunflower - Prevents Corruption spreading to a region of [ configurable ] blocks. (From where it's placed)

    Been almost 2 weeks. I want this plugin, too. :3

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    Be interesting if someone made the Mooshroom biomes the "corrupted" ones.
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    Nick Hooper

    I started working on a plugin called Corruption that does just this. Monsters have a small chance when walking around with a radius of 2-3 the ground below them changes to corruption. Grass turns into Myselium, and Sand turns into Soul Sand. To cure the corrupted blocks back to their normal state you left click on a corrupted block with Bone Meal and everything within a radius of 10 is cured. Not sure if I'm going have the corruption spread. Currently i am trying to make trees that are nearby corruption set on fire and a rare chance of monsters walking on Mycelium that it generates a large mushroom. Maybe also have monsters spawn more rapidly on corrupted land.
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    Nick, really like the idea of soul sand, and I think you should defiantly make it spread, that way users have a reason to stop it. maybe just have an option to turn it off if some people dont want to have it do that. Heres my post about somthing similar
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    Make it so a block with a yellow flower on it has a 10 foot radius that automatically prevents corruption from spreading to it

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