Cooldown on Teleport Commands

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Trikla, Jun 22, 2012.

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    Hi, I am a mod for this server and we had all teleport commands working fine (/tp, /tpa, /f home, /home, etc.) but just recently there is now an 8 hour cooldown between each teleport. Please help me remove this 8 hour delay. Thank you. Plugins on the server include: SimplyVanish 0.4.3, WorldEdit 5.3, NoCheatPlus 3.61, iConomy 7.0, AutoKick 1.5, VoxelSniper 5.133, CoreProtect 1.35, xAuth 2.0.9, WorldSaver 1.4, iBlock 2.3, SpamGuard 0.4, Vault 1.2.16-b184, PvPToggle 2.1.0, PermissionsEx 1.19.2, LWC 4.2.1 (b700-git-MANUAL) (May 20, 2012), WorldGuard 5.5.2, MobEggs 1.0, Essentials 2.9.1, EssentialsProtect 2.9.1, EssentialsSpawn 2.9.1, ChestShop 3.42, EssentialsChat 2.9.1, Modifyworld 1.19.3, Factions 1.6.7
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    Go to plugins/essentials/config.yml and change cooldown on tp
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    I've tried that but it seems to be more than just Essentials, the Factions teleport commands have a cooldown aswell.

    Bump, really need help!

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    Most faction teleport commands are as well effected by the essential teleport cool down, if you need to bypass it the permission node is like: "essentials.teletport.cooldown.bypass".
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    Let me see essentials and factions config.
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    are you running tekkit or something? these versions are severely outdated.
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