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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by rangewonk, Feb 26, 2015.

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    Players are complaining that they have been randomly banned from the server. I check the logs to see which of my staff have banned the players. It turns out no one banned them, in fact the console banned them. I am the only one with access to the console so I know it is a problem.

    The log just says Console Banned <player> for: <Default ban message.>

    There is no other errors which I can identify, some players say they have tried connecting to the server multiple times quickly, then the console bans them. Others say they just lag and get banned.
    I'm not really sure where to turn now as I have tried searching all my plugins and not been able to find anything.

    List of plugins:

    I hope someone has the answer to my question!
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    First is your server in offline mode, and it might be No Cheat Plus, since it bans using console.
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    My server is and always has been online. Only premium accounts can connect to the server.

    This is the config.yml for NoCheatPlus
    I have searched it myself but was unable to find anything suspicious.
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    What you should do is check what a player is doing right before they get banned, this will show what can be causing it.

    (I skimmed through the config, everything looks fine.)
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    Looks like its banning for connecting too quickly too many times, could be anti-ddos, but I don't think so. Is that your account, a friends, or some random account trying to join?
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    @rangewonk @Airbornz,
    I believe it's anti-ddos. It's likely NoCheatPlus that is doing that, the question is how to prevent it.
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    It is one of the random players that play on my server. It is a public server so gets a fair amount of players. He is a fairly old player and has never had problems before. This same issue has happened to random people on the server, 5-6 players that I am aware of. All with similar errors before the console has banned them.

    I don't have any anti-ddos plugins. My guesses would be that it is IP-check
    Or NoCheatPlus.

    Ip-check Module-control.yml
    Ip-check config.yml

    I have checked the config files for both of these plugins, and may other but can't find anything!

    I'm not sure which other plugins could be doing this?

    After reading the comments posted on the page:

    There are similar complaints of the problem that I am having. The plugin developer is raging at them and saying that he is quitting developing the plugin. I'm still not sure the is the problem, although it could be?

    What do you guys think!
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    Most likely I think it would be Ip-Check. I'm not familar with the plugin,so I can't say to disable (if anything) to fix it. What do you use that plugin for, just checking ips?
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    This plugin keeps track of players current and previous ip addresses. It keeps track of alternative accounts that that user has connected to the server on since they have first connected.
    Quite a useful plugin.
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    and if you disable it and the problems disappear, then you need to evalulate how many players you end up bouncing out for that usefulness.
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    I saw this in one of the comments:
    And the author has removed version 2.1.0 because of problems.

    I question the utility of a plugin like this. What happens if there are siblings (or parents!) playing at the same house? Or if someone has a few friends over to play Minecraft. This plugin will identify them as alt accounts.
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    Yeah, I had the same problem. And when I removed NoCheat+, the problem was solved. But it may be different for you.
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