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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by emericask8ur, Jul 1, 2013.

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    I know things have been ruff but why not consider some more BukkitDev staff?
    I checked on some of the current staff and some of them haven't been on in month(s)!

    Like Slipcor, toothpick, and --GJ--

    Maybe that will speed things up with the whole approval situation?...
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    Thanks. We keep an eye on our staffing levels.
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    Huh? Just because they're not active on the forums doesn't mean they're not active on BukkitDev. They aren't required to use the forums AFAIK.
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    That is true, yet I'm pretty sure if they are on DBO, they would pay a visit to Bukkit none of those staff members have recently accepted or declined any of my projects yet. Sooo I guess you can say they arent active.
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    Why do they need more staff. I started a new plugin got it approved, uploaded 2 alphas, 2 betas, and now a release is under review.... since Friday. They seem to be on top of things.
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    Sometimes it takes longer. You just got lucky. Iv'e been around here for a while now... so I know when things are on top and are not.
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    It all depends on timezone, real life activities and stuff like that.

    If you don't mind my saying, the logic here is horribly flawed. As I said above, these staff members may not be in your time zone, which means they will be asleep when you submit your projects and files.
    Adding onto that, you would have to submit regularly, a large amount of projects to have all the different staff get a turn at reviewing them.

    The DBO (and FBO) staff are not paid, dedicated staff, they do it out of their own spare time (ty <3), moderating DBO and FBO is an extension to the activities they already partake in. Expecting them to be always available to accept projects is silly; they have other things to do in their lives, like school, work, friends and all that other crap people do, so again, expecting them to always be available is silly.

    Not always. After some of the bukkitdev staff were elected president promoted to DBO staff I didn't even know they existed until then. Some of them weren't very active on the forums, but they were very active on DBO. Being a DBO staff doesn't require you to be on the forums really at all. You spend some of your spare time moderating projects, files and users.

    If they don't have any spare time, they don't have the time to do bukkit stuff, can you blame them for that? Nope.

    Hope this makes sense, hate writing posts like these they end up all cluttered and confusing, kind regards,
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    Further more, I see a lot of the staff (including the ones you said) on IRC (internet chat) often, and they definitely are active, but being a DBO staff has no real requirement of going onto FBO unless they decide to
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    nvm then lol
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    DJ Olditmes

    Whenever I'm on I only see TnT or np98765. This is like the first day I've ever seen other staff.
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    Don't mind him. I still love you!
    And so does JOPHESTUS
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    I posted something along these lines and realized this: They bukkitdev staff don't press refresh every five minutes so you can see there presence. They also don't wait for you to submit your project for them to review they do it in order so maybe someone else will review it.
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    Correct, some of us have automated tools that refresh every 5 minutes for us. ;)
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    Fair enough but you get my point :p
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    Pssht I'm always online.
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    I guess you could say.. "Get on my level"
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    I always see someone from the buukitdev staff on.
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    Thats... not my point...
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    This is true :p
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    Then what is? ._.
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    Not saying no staff isn't ever online, I'm just pointing out that inactive staff members should be removed if they do not show up. I mean 3 weeks isn't thaaaat bad, but when it comes to a month or so. Yeah...
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    On the other hand, we do have multiple threads about the same topic.
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    Yettt no action taken. Therefor, makes it necessary.
  27. Look, there all volunteers and they do their jobs amazingly. Bukkit Services Run Very Smoothly. Although you may be referring to the speed of approval in my eyes Bukkit do not require any more staff
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    I don't have a problem with project approval times. Sure it can sometimes take over a day (or even two days if you are unlucky enough), but I can't justify that as a need for more staff. I trust the BukkitDev staff to do their job well, and I trust that they would mention if they were being overworked. The current BukkitDev staff are tremendously dedicated to our community. I would like to hear from the staff themselves before I would think about complaining about the project approval times. After all, they are all volunteers; consider their opinion on the subject.
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    Just think for a second. It's not like they pay them anyway. So what if they did hire more productive people. Just imagine plugins only taking about an hour to be approved if they meet all the guidelines, checkups, etc. Just thinking of that makes me excited :p

    Also, its not like its a downside to hire more, if anything it would have an positive effect on everything(If of course they hire the right people)
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    emericask8ur The beauty of Bukkit is that it is driven entirely by volunteers who are good at what they do, and more importantly, enjoy what they do. My fear is that too many staff could decrease their drive to do their job. Likewise, too few staff could make them feel overrun. That is why I would like to hear their opinion.

    Of course I could also be wrong in which case I still wouldn't mind having a BukkitDev staff member tell me that.

    And on a slightly different note, you make it sound like the current BukkitDev staff are not dedicated.
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